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  1. Its doesnt work for me Paul - I always think "France" when I see them; remind me of the sashes that overweight French mayors wear A patriot strap for England would be difficult; red and white - would it work? how about a design based on Naval General Service Medal 1909 - 1964. White might be a problem. Roy how about a patriotic strap based on the "1939-1945" Star ribbon it represents the Navy, Army and Airforce? Full of good ideas
  2. Roy how about an RLT 10,000m Diver tribute to the Rolex 10,000m as a project for 2004? ;)
  3. Great tip Chris - I had the same problem - looks great now. Roy is right - these straps are worth buying for the clasps! Fitted a black 18mm to my old "Desotos Chronographe" stunning result. Only one complaint Roy - I had to trim them to fit now that's a first for me!!
  4. Recieved my first O&W this morning; the new 46mm "Pilot". Very pleased with it, well finished and excellent value for money. I can't see what all the fuss is about.
  5. Abramovich will have ways of motivating the Chelsea players that they could not imagine
  6. Well my first O&W is on its way; I for one am not worried about lack of O&W warranty with Roy as the dealer. I think they are very good value ;)
  7. A subject close to my heart, at 8 1/2 inches (my wrist that is) I have recently decided that 38mm is my minimum. 41 - 42mm my optimum and 46mm my maximum. I bought an RLT5, a fantastic watch but looks too small on me so a girlie strap and gift wrap is iminent ;). Funnily enough my CWC G10 doesnt look out of place, perhaps because I wear it with a 20mm and not 18mm NATO. My 46mm watch is a Glycine Airman, I find when I am driving the crown digs into the back of my hand! I wouldnt go larger than this. Its taken me a while to get to this point - by trial and error.
  8. now my hand's started to shake already
  9. Stunning! I have never had the courage to put mine on a strap ... cant wait till they arrive Good photo as usual ;)
  10. Thats my weekend buggered
  11. I dont need to have the lights on when wearing it; it will have paid for itself by the end of this year Britney and Madonna .... sigh
  12. I use the much maligned AOL - I get 50Mb, AOL also have easy to use tools for uploading files - I dont know why they get such a hard time.
  13. YELLOW Now there's a thought .... go with my Seiko
  14. Thanks Boss I am sure you are right.
  15. Kenny - I see on your profile you are into digital photography - looking forward to seeing some pictures ;)
  16. I am convinced - they are ordered ;)
  17. So where's the update then?
  18. Well, back to work on Monday I will be wearing a black PVD RN Diver's Style PRS-4 on a "Bond" NATO (yes I KNOW it is quartz ) to go with my mood, black that is. So today, to cheer myself up I am wearing my Ledwatch
  19. I have been thinking about getting one ;) I agree "its back".
  20. Do you ever have one of those days when every watch you put on feels like an alien being ? I think I will go and put my CWC G10 on
  21. Don't you just hate the last hole? And why is it that most straps dont have enough free beyond the last hole to be able to secure it under the loops? Don't they get it? The frigging hole is too close to the end of the strap ... duh ... and why oh why are those fantastic USA oiled leather straps so bloody short?
  22. I meant bytes per second of course ... duh .... AOL ... no complaints ... dont let the hijack you IE browser though when you install ... watch your defaults ... I always use the IE browser ... when I am online.
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