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  1. How do you tell the time on it
  2. Paul a youghurt knitter is a bleeding heart liberal not a PG sorry for any misunderstanding! I didnt buy the book for anything othet than finding out more about watches ... there is a lot of info in it whatever your attitude to collecting is .. thats all I was trying to say ... I would have to sell my house to track down all the watches
  3. Well I know less than Bugger All and find it interesting ... they are not all posh ... Ticking off a list isnt my style ... I know what I like and I like what I know ... (can't get the bloody tune out of my head!) ... Take someone that we all know and love who has a genuine interest in American watches .. well this book has a great section on Gruen and Hamilton .... OK I will shut up ... ... PG agree with roman and gold bad, and black-white-silver-gold bad Give you the Russian Steppes ... anytime ... they are crap ... I work there quite often ... they are either cold or red hot ... and their is less to see than in Scotland ;) ... i had to do a round trip of 1120km for a 2 hour meeting ... it sucks ... Girls are nice though ;) I am just in a bad mood Sick of Youghurt Knitters
  4. Much to some people horror I find quartz and electric watches interesting at least on this forum you aren't hounded out The first commercailly available quartz watch, Seiko 35SQ Astron, appeared on Christmas Day 1969. At $1200 it cost as much as a Toyota Corolla; equivalent today to $6000! The first digital LED quartz watch, the HMW Pulsar cost $2100 dollars when it was introduced in 1972! Equivalent to $9000 today I have always been interested in owning an Accutron - there doesn't seem to be many come up for sale; well working ones at least. Has anyone got a Hamilton Electric?
  5. JoT


    I agree on the above except substitute Skoda for Ferrari Just have to make do with my MG ZT190 and RLT4, RLT5, RLT7? though ... Getting better in your wardrobe, stepping one beyond your show. When the sun beats down and I lie on the bench, I can always hear them talk ...
  6. JoT


    I would rather have five £1000 watches than one £5000 watch ... but that is just me ... 20 RLT4's is a bit over the top I suppose! Not that I dont appreciate the aestheics of expensive watches ... however the finer points of the movements is lost on me ... in fact wasted on me ... happy to be a philistine. I know what I like and I like what I know ..... wasn't that Genesis? Me I am just a lawnmower ....
  7. Nice Paul ... interesting looking bracelet as well.
  8. Just bought the "Complete Price Guide to Watches - 2003 of Amazon.co.uk It is an American book so I am not sure how valid the prices are - it is full of information and lots of facsimile pics of thousand of watches (note - no glossy pics). Good sections on Gruen and Hamilton (just for Stan) as well as the usual Omega &c. If you are interested in American watches lots of info. Amazon Link
  9. JoT


    Well at least you aren't restricted to the limited selection of extra large straps Good you are still pestering ... it wouldn't be the same without you
  10. Chris - tunnels are great Maybe we should have a forum - Tunnels, Mines and Miscellaneous Excavations I was gutted about Brunnel as well .. at least the programme gave him some publicity - thought Clarkson's promotion of him was excellent. Strike Gulley and Stope HJ Joel South Africa It is nice being deep down and dirty ;) Good one of the tunnel rings London Underground near Bethnal Green
  11. Congratulations to C5 for broadcasting "Great Tunnels of the World" everything from modern TBM's (Tunnel Boring Machines), cut and fill, immersed tube and conventional hard/soft rock methods. They also showed some great archive footage of from construction of London Underground tunnels as well as international examples from USA and Japan. I was pleased to see they also included a section on the world's first under river tunnel; Brunel's Thames Tunnel. This is still being used today by the East London Line of London Underground. We need more programmes like this; interesting and educational, much better than the Sports Personality of the Year programme.
  12. or are you thinking of the one in the Omega Museum Collection? This poll is geting a bit complivated
  13. Roy - isn't the Cosmic a Semaster model?
  14. Don't ask me why it does; it looks nothing like a Seamaster ! Omega Web Site
  15. Railmaster - that falls under Aqua Terra which falls under Seamaster ;)
  16. Not bad at all ... I hope they get some more
  17. PG your photographic exploits never fail to impress ... that is excellent!
  18. OK any one who want to vote for the Cosmic leave post a reply!
  19. Once we have established the favourite style how about another poll to establish the favourite model?
  20. I like it - it could go with my golly badges - !
  21. After last night's trauma and despite nursing a slight headache I feel much better - what better therapy than fantasizing about GMTV's Loraine Kelly - chunky but not too chunky I still think the BBC are crap
  22. I am with you Paul Mr C ... make them ... I would just love it if those B******* had to answer to the market for their crap I need three drinks Tw*ts
  23. And another thing ... all these bloody digital channels that I am paying for and don't watch ... half of them are even in languages that I cant understand ..... I need two drinks
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