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  1. An RLT USA oiled leather "style" in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm, in black or brown with the option of accented stitching - and not forgettingthe XL size option. Or how about a Breitling style? Or a matt aligator grain? Or a ........
  2. There will be a dial up for travel at least until cell phones are quicker (GSM about 8kb/s, GPRS best yet for me 80kb/s). I use AOL - I can dial in when travelling on a pay per minute rate .. also when abroad they hav e pretty good agreements with overseas ISP's.
  3. Mark ... been on Broadband for about 6 months ... verdict ... excellent ... worth £12? Only if you have large e-mail attachments or download music etc. Mind you when Roy updates his site you would be able to beat the 56kers to the best deals I have only just got a video recorder .... ... might get a DVD in 10 years time
  4. JoT


    Just makes it then I might give one a go. Nice photo ;)
  5. JoT


    What's the maximum length??
  6. What styles? What leather? now I am interested ... just ordered a couple from HK ... I would rather do business with RLT and buy British!
  7. Other than getting straps made to order in Hong Kong what other opions do large wristers have???
  8. JoT

    Back off

    I married her ... ... I just about escaped with my nuts when we divorced ... got bugger all else
  9. Griff I find that of interest ... I have a devils only job getting watch straps and bracelets (see my reply to your "For JoT" post in the Swiss Forum). I would like to see info or recommendations of retailers - trouble is it might be in conflict with Roy ... even though its not his core buinsess.
  10. JoT

    For JOT

    Thanks Griff .... I am, more Jason Leonard .... 5'11" and a chest like a barrel! 25 years as a prop forward has allowed me to develop into the fine physical specimen I am today Its a bugger getting watch straps though especially on standard sized watches ... I would love a USA oiled but they are too small
  11. I had my RLT4 on at 1 minute past twelve - had lots of comments on it - by the end of the night most were convinced it was very exclusive
  12. Benzene is a serious carcinogen, don't use it even if you can find it; there are modern alternatives, I wouldnt know what to use on a watch though - Roy over to you? Dont forget you pliers
  13. JoT

    For JOT

    Glad you like the F1 as well ;)
  14. Good one Griff; now I know how my Kinetic works!
  15. JoT

    For JOT

    Thought you might like to see my expensve c-clip watch stand - sorry about the crap photo
  16. JoT

    For JOT

    Quick and Dirty photo but you get the idea
  17. Nice model - good case, attractive dial, it would be interesting to see what the chapter ring is like
  18. That's a relief I like the Waveceptor because it is a dual band ... we must be loyal to our British Atomic Clock! The Europeans have already hijacked GMT and renamed it UTC! ...Support Rugby thats what I say
  19. Its only accurate to 0.6 second ... plus any internet lag ... buy a radio controlled clock Stan ... !!!
  20. Mike did it originally have a 12hr plus a 24hr GMT hand - has it had a new movement put in? Or perhaps the GMT hand is missing? Possibly you convert the 12 hr time to 24 hour then use the 24hr chapter to read against the bezel? It is a bugger though nice watch all the same
  21. Try the Casio Waveceptor its a dual band sells at about £70 and has dual analouge and digital display.
  22. JoT


    Hi Stan hadn't thought of that
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