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    Fake watches are like fake breasts, they look nice from a distance but when you get close you can see the flaws and besides, fake watches, like fake breasts, just dont feel the same. You could argue that fake watches or breasts are better than nothing, personally if I couldnt afford a real 38DD I would rather setlle for a 34B ;)
  2. Quality control has improved in Russia and the former Soviet Union; though it still isn't up to western standards yet. You will always get a higher proportion of bad ones getting through the net. The only thing that are consitently well put together in Russia are the women!
  3. JoT


    I had one of the first Swatch's ... black dial, black strap no numbers ... I think at the time you could only get them on aeroplanes .. before they went on general sale. It was a great watch for its time ... at least it was analogue and not digital .. a rarity back then.
  4. JoT

    Tag Heuer

    I do like Tags ... a blue Monaco .... one day
  5. JoT

    Tag Heuer

    I prefer the Breitling B1 myself ;) - the Kirium are nice though ... I used to own one ... just a bit small for me, its a shame they dont do a slightly larger diameter version.
  6. Ok ok ... forget about the zoom function
  7. OK it is French for barrel - - so I am going to call them barrel shaped watches from now on
  8. Why are tonneau watches called tonneau? After all a tonneau is the part of an open top car that is occupied by the back seats - it has nothing to do with shape - at least not in English
  9. JoT


    Nice ! good pics as well
  10. As well as new watches I would like: lots of Flash intros like the official watch sites 3-D rotating images of watches Zoom functions
  11. JoT

    Happy Birthday MarkF

    Mark - hope you have plenty of fireworks to get your own back on the neighbours I got 9 pairs of socks last year all black ones no problem about matching odd ones ....
  12. Wow ... thats a beauty ... is it a Japan only model?
  13. JoT

    Happy Birthday MarkF

    Happy birthday Mark
  14. One of my dream watches What watch did he wear in Bullit I wonder ? My favourite McQueen films in order 1/ Bullit 2/ Le Mans 3/ Sand Pebbles 4/ Cincinnati Kid 5/Great Escape (for the bike scene!)
  15. Roy are you going to get more RLT Fliegers made with white stitching and put them on general sale? ;)
  16. A bit small - I quite like the black chrono - I will wait for the January sales
  17. Stan nice shape nice size but Roman dail - now if they did an arabic dial it might be worth a punt ;) I quite like Vostok especially some of he newer ones
  18. Stan - they do look nice - trouble is the vintage watches are a bit small for my wrist
  19. It is a nice case, but it wouldn't really be an RLT with O&W on the back of the case unless the watch is an O&W RLT diver
  20. Cougar case looks OK - will the bezel be different - will their be a choice of bezels?
  21. When I used to work underground it wasnt practical to wear a wrist watch and besides we couldnt wear a battery operated watch in any case. So, I had a cheap mechanical pocket watch (can't remember what the make was) placed inside a rubber stopwatch cover then inside a tobacco tin lined with lint. I couldn't go underground without it; I also used to set it five minutes fast and also wound it up at the same place in the lamp room every shift. When it finally gave up on me after 11 years the movement was in such a mess it couldnt be repaired. I was really upset - it was my lucky watch. I replaced it with another smaller pocket watch but still used to take the old watch underground
  22. Roy CL111A left this morning 10.15 it will look good in the snow
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