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  1. Sometimes something happens that really puts your own life in perspective. You may have read of the woman from Blackpool who has terminal cancer, who on the way to her wedding on a motortrike caught her dress in the wheels and had to have both of her legs amputated at the scence. Her only concern was that she had let everybody down ... and now ... minus legs .. is still determined to marry. hats off to a brave but tragic woman.
  2. When I am in the UK probably my Omega Seamaster chronogrpah; travel in Eastern Europe and the "Stans" CWC quartz G10 or PRS4.
  3. Bugger thats a posh box ... I wonder what the watch is going to look like ?
  4. Andy please accept my apology I was being deliberately provocative ... the forum has been pretty quite for a week or so ... thought it needed livening up ;) you did oblige somewhat I am quite happy to admit that I know bugger all about watches ... I like Omega's, my Glycine Airman is a blast, but I get as much pleasure from my CWC G10. I cant see what is so great about Rolex or am I missing something? Most of them seem pretty vulgar. I have found I am starting to wonder what makes things tick and what are the better ticking things ... all rather worrying really ... my entry level Carrera has an ETA movement the more expensive ones have Lemania's what does this mean I ponder? I tried an AP Royal Oak Offshore T3 on ... couldnt ever hope to get one ... envious of the bloke in the same shop buying one?? ... yeah a little ... but thats life ... it looked stupid on him anyway I havent got much to complain about ... happy with what I have got. I have huge respect for people who by their own admission operate on a limited budget perhaps they are the real enthusiasts
  5. C'mon Andy you know I admire you really ;)
  6. I couldn't disagree more; the biggest compliment you could pay watchmaking talents is to purchase the watches. Do these watchmakers care if their customers know what makes them tick? I doubt it. What is wrong with appreciating the beauty of a watch, or indeed wanting one for a status symbol if that is what floats your boat. Sounds more like envy to me.
  7. Hi namste - the dial is black, dia 41mm - I will see if I get time this weekend to practice my photography
  8. Does anybody know what the watch is in the new Honda Civic advert on UK television? It is sort of rectangular, with a reddish dial with a name that beigins with an A? It bugging me, I havent got a video recorder to check it out
  9. Griff can we share a cell? I went to a jewellers I know in Stirling to get a clear perspex C-clip watch stand to practice my dismal photography - I came out with an Omega Railmaster
  10. Stan bugger me - checked out the web site Love the "Gruen Curvex" with "patented movment that curves with the case" and the "Ristside". Great web site - I agree Stan - there are too few sites like this around; for people like me that know bugger all!
  11. The best that never was - BAC TSR2 - it was criminal when they canned the programme
  12. JoT


    Mark for an old boy with tits !!!!!!!!!
  13. Saw some new Oris watches today in a "Goldsmiths" that look a lot like the Techno - should have took more notice as they are not on the Oris web site Similar embossed dials
  14. JoT


    What do I want for Christmas????????? Kristen Scott-Thomas :wub: MGZT 260 V8 AP Royal Oak Offshore T3 A holiday Camps Bay Cape Town Or if I am lucky a RLT4!!!!!!!!
  15. This is a tough question - there are som many; the Lockheed F-104 Starfigfhter, Lockheed SR71 Blackbird for two - but my choice is the Avro Vulcan - as well as its revoluntionary design it is 100% British and was only ever used by the RAF.
  16. JoT


    And I thought NOS was a brand .... just goes to show I know bugger all !
  17. Roy I spent 25 years as a prop forward - my various second rows spent 25 years grabbing my bo****ks and trying to stuff their heads up my arse - so cant disagree !!! Dont forget the communal bath and drinking games that involve taking your clothes off ! Rugby players have odd shaped balls and are real men ... not like footballers.
  18. Thats what I like about Rugby Leauge supporters - well balanced - chips on both shoulders!
  19. Isn't that nice? The Georgians celebrating England's world cup win
  20. Stan I know bugger all about either watch ... in fact I know bugger all about most watches ;the Technos looks really nice and very unusual there can't be many about.
  21. Stan does telling an Aussie t*** to bugger off qualify me for associate membership?
  22. OK - it has nothing to do with the rugby - apparently another book has come on to the market at $750 and he felt it was only right that he raise his price. Well bo*****s to it.
  23. Roy can you send me an extra long 18mm brown?
  24. Do they do the brown as well?
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