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  1. Did you sell a thousand watches ?
  2. Frank a nice tribute was he a relative?
  3. Paul often termed the forgotten war - it didnt and still doesnt get the coverage of D-Day - the British were not involved in a tougher campaign. Respect to the memory of your father.
  4. This year is the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, if you had a choice of a horological tribute what would it be? My grandfather was in the Royal Tank Regiment - but a tank watch isnt really my taste. As he was army rather than navy or airforce I would prefer a military rather than diver or pilot. The question is what? I quite like the Record ... but that has been done already elsewhere. I don't really know enough about military watches of this era; any suggestions? Finally; a lot of watches in that era were in the 32 - 34mm range, I assume military watches were as well. Should a tribute be the same size or should it be scaled up to say 37mm to 38mm?
  5. I was a bit sceptical at first but having read a bit on them I think it is a great idea -a mechanical watch with quartz accuracy and no batteries.
  6. OK I will settle for a true 24hr RLT then
  7. Nice one Paul - looks good
  8. Its doesnt work for me Paul - I always think "France" when I see them; remind me of the sashes that overweight French mayors wear A patriot strap for England would be difficult; red and white - would it work? how about a design based on Naval General Service Medal 1909 - 1964. White might be a problem. Roy how about a patriotic strap based on the "1939-1945" Star ribbon it represents the Navy, Army and Airforce? Full of good ideas
  9. Roy how about an RLT 10,000m Diver tribute to the Rolex 10,000m as a project for 2004? ;)
  10. Great tip Chris - I had the same problem - looks great now. Roy is right - these straps are worth buying for the clasps! Fitted a black 18mm to my old "Desotos Chronographe" stunning result. Only one complaint Roy - I had to trim them to fit now that's a first for me!!
  11. Recieved my first O&W this morning; the new 46mm "Pilot". Very pleased with it, well finished and excellent value for money. I can't see what all the fuss is about.
  12. Abramovich will have ways of motivating the Chelsea players that they could not imagine
  13. Well my first O&W is on its way; I for one am not worried about lack of O&W warranty with Roy as the dealer. I think they are very good value ;)
  14. A subject close to my heart, at 8 1/2 inches (my wrist that is) I have recently decided that 38mm is my minimum. 41 - 42mm my optimum and 46mm my maximum. I bought an RLT5, a fantastic watch but looks too small on me so a girlie strap and gift wrap is iminent ;). Funnily enough my CWC G10 doesnt look out of place, perhaps because I wear it with a 20mm and not 18mm NATO. My 46mm watch is a Glycine Airman, I find when I am driving the crown digs into the back of my hand! I wouldnt go larger than this. Its taken me a while to get to this point - by trial and error.
  15. JoT


    Thanks e-mail or viagra
  16. JoT


    I just seem to get Valium and Xantax (whatever that is) spam
  17. JoT

    Mid Life Crisis

    Foy you Stan $50 a night ;) Cash
  18. now my hand's started to shake already
  19. Stunning! I have never had the courage to put mine on a strap ... cant wait till they arrive Good photo as usual ;)
  20. JoT

    Mid Life Crisis

    Roy I can get the 18 year old blonde quite cheaply, the Mustang is a bit more expensive - I am sure the boys will have a whip round
  21. Thats my weekend buggered
  22. I hope we will still have arguments on the forum, minus the abuse and threats!
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