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  1. Griff can we share a cell? I went to a jewellers I know in Stirling to get a clear perspex C-clip watch stand to practice my dismal photography - I came out with an Omega Railmaster
  2. Stan bugger me - checked out the web site Love the "Gruen Curvex" with "patented movment that curves with the case" and the "Ristside". Great web site - I agree Stan - there are too few sites like this around; for people like me that know bugger all!
  3. The best that never was - BAC TSR2 - it was criminal when they canned the programme
  4. JoT


    Mark for an old boy with tits !!!!!!!!!
  5. Saw some new Oris watches today in a "Goldsmiths" that look a lot like the Techno - should have took more notice as they are not on the Oris web site Similar embossed dials
  6. JoT


    What do I want for Christmas????????? Kristen Scott-Thomas :wub: MGZT 260 V8 AP Royal Oak Offshore T3 A holiday Camps Bay Cape Town Or if I am lucky a RLT4!!!!!!!!
  7. This is a tough question - there are som many; the Lockheed F-104 Starfigfhter, Lockheed SR71 Blackbird for two - but my choice is the Avro Vulcan - as well as its revoluntionary design it is 100% British and was only ever used by the RAF.
  8. JoT


    And I thought NOS was a brand .... just goes to show I know bugger all !
  9. Roy I spent 25 years as a prop forward - my various second rows spent 25 years grabbing my bo****ks and trying to stuff their heads up my arse - so cant disagree !!! Dont forget the communal bath and drinking games that involve taking your clothes off ! Rugby players have odd shaped balls and are real men ... not like footballers.
  10. Thats what I like about Rugby Leauge supporters - well balanced - chips on both shoulders!
  11. Isn't that nice? The Georgians celebrating England's world cup win
  12. Stan I know bugger all about either watch ... in fact I know bugger all about most watches ;the Technos looks really nice and very unusual there can't be many about.
  13. Stan does telling an Aussie t*** to bugger off qualify me for associate membership?
  14. OK - it has nothing to do with the rugby - apparently another book has come on to the market at $750 and he felt it was only right that he raise his price. Well bo*****s to it.
  15. Roy can you send me an extra long 18mm brown?
  16. Do they do the brown as well?
  17. Done ... I can't understand it ... he is an Aussie running a bookshop in South Africa ... surely not ? No-one can be that petty ...
  18. But I like the US Oiled Straps ....
  19. Roy; isnt it to read out in minutes plus decimal fraction? Rather than seconds e.g. 45 secs = 0.75 minute
  20. PG I think you are right s*d him he can bugger off I can save the money for a RLT4 ------------------------------------
  21. That looks better IMHO - I like the idea of a USA oiled strap - trouble is on a watch that size the strap will be too small for me - don't they make a long size? There must be plenty of big wrists in the US of A.
  22. OK - took your advice on board - offered the man his price. He is now saying the price is $750 - he must be taking the p*** I am starting to wonder if he doesnt want to sell - or enjoys the damned Mexican Standoff.
  23. Do we all rugby rites; Let there be sung 'Sweet Chariot’ and ‘God Save the Queen' The Wallabies with charity enclosed in clay: And then to Sydney; and to England then: Where ne'er from Australia arrived more happy men. With apologies to William Shakespeare Australia 17 - 20 England
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