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  1. From the sublime to the ridiculous Changed to this 1984 Seiko 5 6309-8840
  2. Chris Hooper still has some of the old style in desert tan and army sage colours for about $200, he is sold out in black. I have dealt with him several times https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/windycitywatchcollector?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  3. I know the history of this watch and it is quite a privilege to see it back on here
  4. Breitling Aerospace E7936210-B962 recently back from BUK and looking like new. These really are an iconic watches from the days when Breitling knew what it was doing!
  5. You can get pre-owned and some desert tan and sage colours but in black all the main outlets are selling the sapphire version. My old acrylic Navigator is probably good for another 5 years, maybe I will have retired by then
  6. Unfortunately the only 12 hour bezel versions Luminox do these days is the F-117 Nighthawk which is £769 for the composite case version (more than double the price of the Marathon) and is over 20g heavier
  7. Over the last 20 years I have bought Marathon Navigator watches as a lightweight relatively low cost travel watch. It was designed as a pilot's watch with tritium glass tubes, has a composite plastic case with a 316L stainless steel back, acrylic Lexan crystal, they are built to MIL-PRF-46374G specifications and are used by US military and law enforcement personnel. The 12 hour bezel for the second time zone is bi-directional and one of the things I have always liked about them is that the turning resistance is high so once set it wouldn't move off station. My acrylic crystal Navigator below Now to the upgrade: I ordered one of the new versions of the watch. Marathon have done away with the domed Lexam crystal and have replaced it with a flat sapphire glass crystal, this has changed the look of the watch significantly, and not for the better. It has also made the watch heavier at 46g against the older version at 40g, doesn't sound a lot but it does make a difference and didn't seem as well balanced on the wrist. The reflection off the sapphire crystal also detracts from the dial, on the plus side they have replaced the press-on back with a battery hatch similar to the CWC G10. The watch is also about $100 more expensive than the old version, The biggest issue I have with the new version is that the bezel is slack when compared to the old version, it is very easy to turn and has little resistance. In my opinion it would be easy to move it off station once set which is not acceptable to me. Presumably the modifications to the case required to accommodate the sapphire have necessitated a different bezel mechanism. Be that as it may but it has to have more resistance than it has to fulfil its functions with confidence. I have also seen reports of the bezel coming adrift, I have never seen reports of this happening with the old acrylic crystal version. I think Marathon's intentions were good but it just hasn't worked in my opinion and I won't be buying another Navigator unless the bezel mechanism is redesigned to have more resistance to turning. I returned the watch to Marathon, I have no complaints about their customer service and received a full refund after a few days. New non-date version below from their website
  8. Still available, the seller has added the Best Offer option
  9. I am not for or against and enjoy both, it would be nice to see more hand winders available for sale Here are some of my hand winders:
  10. Check the insulation under the battery retainer plate is in position This is from Seiko a lot of swings needed If the above fails you could try https://kinetic-repairs.co.uk/seiko/
  11. Not reached the late Nicolas Hayek standard yet, you must try harder
  12. Giving the Explorer II a run, doesn't get worn much now I am not travelling
  13. I would advise sending it to Citizen, it is a discontinued model but is young enough that they should still support the watch. They have service centres in the UK and in Ireland. CITIZEN WATCH (UK) LTD. BERKSHIRE P.O. BOX 161, Wokingham, Berkshire , RG41 2FS TEL: (0118) 936-8855 service@citizenwatch.co.uk CALCUL (CITIZEN) Bay F20, Free Zone West Shannon, County Clare TEL: 061 472722 service@citizenwatch.ie or service@solatrex.com
  14. I had a look at these and can't figure it out either as they seem to be the same quality? Anybody?
  15. How did you get on? Personally I would upgrade the crystal press, worth it especially if you are going to carry on tinkering
  16. At least they are trying to be different from most Kickstarter projects, not something I would want to buy though, I don't like the hands nor do I like the open dial The stone exposed on the bezel will be subject to wear and damage especially the malachite which has a hardness of 3.5 to 4 which is quite soft, the lapis lazuli would fare a bit better at a hardness of 5 to 5.5 and the Tiger's Eye being the hardest at around 6 (but which is still less than a typical stainless steel)
  17. I would by a pack of gaskets, you can get them on EBay for a couple of quid. I would also recommend a silicone grease applicator such as this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372122316231?hash=item56a437edc7:g:HKIAAOSwm-9amtzc
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