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  1. The stainless steel chronograph doesn't look too bad, although from these photographs it is hard to tell, I need to see "live" pictures Likes: dial on the standard chronograph model, Rouleaux bracelet, UTC Module option (resurrected after quite a long break. pilots will be happy) Dislikes: Size, it would have been better at 42mm and could have been achieved easily by shaving 1mm off the bezel, after all it's not a diver's watch; bezel again, it looks like they have minute marks 0 to 15 and 45 to 60, I don't get it especially as the Chronomat was conceived as a pilot watch with the bezel originally marked in minutes (which seems logical for pilot use) seems like they have got the bezel use confused with a diver's bezel; I don't like the coloured crown and chronograph pushers. In fact the more I look at it the more I think the bezel spoils what could have been quite a nice watch It doesn't work for me in two-tone or gold The 4 year calendar is not for me either, much prefer the in-house B01 chronograph
  2. Benidorm is the European capital of fake goods with Gucci being one of the most common
  3. JoT


    From the album: JoT's Watch Gallery

  4. I have bitten the bullet and ordered a "Brennan B2" Rips, stores and plays CDs I got the 480Gb model which will hold around 1000 CDs stored as FLAC I have around 550 CDs so I will have room to add more ripped CDs or MP3s
  5. Modern interpretation of the Vostok Radio Room
  6. I have never managed to get on with solar powered watches, don't ask me why because I couldn't give you an answer! Russian and Soviet era watches on the other hand are still relatively cheap and a lot of fun
  7. If you think about it the grail was sought after but never obtained - on that basis maybe the Omega Seamaster GMT I bought wasn't a grail And my grail was, and still is. an Audermars Piguet Royal Oak - sought after but out of reach
  8. Guitars moved to their own guitar grail topic
  9. They have been linked for the last 20 years or so, underlying owners or partners?
  10. Google is very useful, for example a couple of minutes searching I found that Richard Legrande is a Singapore registered company founded in 2016, San Martin is a Chinese company based in Dongguan and Bernard H Mayer is owned by Mayer's Mint GmbH who started making watches in 2006 prior to which they made medals, coins and pocket watch cases
  11. Not for me, I like a compass bezel but not that one As far as Land watches go I had a SBDX007 a rather foolishly sold it, big mistake, it's the best they made
  12. Funnily enough I think it works on this watch, a classic Breitling
  13. Stop threatening forum members or I will give you a warning!
  14. My view, replace the crystal, sort out the crown, get it serviced, take off the original bracelet and put it somewhere safe and buy an uncle Seiko. That way it will still be your grandfather's watch
  15. Yes, it was an Omega Seamaster GMT 168.1613 which was one of the watches produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Seamaster. I think @Roy sourced it for me, I wish I had kept it.
  16. I like the Museum Classic 40mm with the minimalist face and some of the other variants seem OK, I generally agree with @antjrice and find their sports models out of place, but perhaps their sports models do sell?
  17. These things are quite good and nice and easy to use, you might want to consider a new gasket as well https://www.amazon.co.uk/Watch-Grease-Silicone-Sealing-gaskets/dp/B01AYLHVS8
  18. Omega Speedmaster Automatic (aka Mk4.5)
  19. If you want to have a go at shortening your mesh bracelet there's a good tutorial here:
  20. @Jeff Reisman my first call would be to Clerc Americas Inc Clerc Americas Inc. 1444, Biscayne Blvd Suite 201 Miami, FL 33132 +1 305.588.3628 +1 (305) 812 3344 americas@clercwatches.com
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