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  1. The Technos Electronic may be interesting, is it a Technotron? If so probably has an ESA 9150 or 9154 electric movement or similar, not of much value though even in good working order and good cosmetic condition. All the rest are cheap watches with very little value
  2. @Barryboy Seiko were certainly my watch of choice for a "flip-fix" - seldom buy one now, not really been a conscious decision, price certainly a factor, you could buy vintage chronographs for seven shillings and sixpence on the forum or from RLT watches not that long ago, well nearly 20 years ago
  3. It certainly is possible. here's a pdf with a guide to spotting fake Luminox watches https://web.archive.org/web/20170327042248/http://www.usnavysealstore.com/fake-or-real-luminox-watch.pdf
  4. Watches don't have to be high value to be faked: Votsok, Seiko, Citizen, Sturmanskie, Timex and many many more are all faked. Having owned several Luminox I would also disagree on quality, for their price point they are very good.
  5. It will be good for at least another 20 years! With the 7S26 movement it is always worth doing 30 seconds of the Seiko shake in the morning to wind it up, especially if you are having a quiet day
  6. Luchs is German for "Lynx" so German military perhaps? Luminox certainly do limited editions with military logos
  7. Some pictures of the movement would help to date it as would pictures of the hallmarks on the case Sir John Bennett was a watchmaker who died towards the end of the 19th century, his shop continued to produce watches under his name until about 1930 or so. Looks like a nice watch
  8. For me it is the X33 - ugly and with a quartz movement which isn't that accurate by today's standards, but it is comfortable and perfect for grab and go
  9. I have Android 11 and no problems at all, get two days out of my battery Samsung A52
  10. Thanks for the sentiments everybody
  11. I wonder if wants a mine shaft sinking?
  12. I Have Just Bought a Seiko 6139-8020 - Why? My late uncle was a Royal Navy sailor in the 1950's and in the 60's, 70's and 80's he was a merchant mariner. In 1971 he brought a 6139-8020 back from Japan as a gift for me. At 14 years old I had never seen anything so wonderful, it was a treasured possession, nevertheless I wore it every day, it was never off my wrist, by the age of 16 it was battered and bruised but still going strong. Sadly it was stolen from a sports changing room, and I felt a great loss, the watch yes, but more than that it was a gift from my uncle. In the early noughties I bought the exact chronograph from Roy but it didn't have the original bracelet (which is quite an unusual one for a 6139) so I sold it on and kept looking and looking and looking Anyway this will be arriving from a foreign shore in a couple of weeks complete with original bracelet RIP Uncle Mike
  13. Interesting but way above my technical capacity!
  14. Jeff you will find Seiko catalogues here https://www.watchhunter.org/reference/seiko-watch-catalog-pdf-library
  15. Initially it was the usual (for the time anyway) Omega SMP, Tag Heuer, RLT and Seikos Then I went through phases of putting together themed collections First one was 24-hour watches - I had Vostok, Raketa, Ollech & Wajs Early Bird, Glycine Airman, Bulova Accutron Astronaut, Yantar Air Nautic, Breitling Cosmonaut, RLT and probably a few other I have forgotten about. My favourite was a Glycine Airman 2000 and that resulted in me moving on to putting together a Glycine Airman collection and offloading the 24-hour watches. I had all but one of the variants of the Glycine Airman 1 with the different movements and dials they used in the same case - in addition I had the Airman SST on the original bracelet, several quartz models which kept the name limping along in the 70's and 80's, Airman 2000, Airman 46, Airman 36, new version of the SST and a couple of others. Then one day I decided to sell them all and bought an Omega Speedmaster 1861, then I bought the Moon to Mars special edition, Gemini 4 special edition, MkII racing dial, MkIII, MkIV, Mk4.5, X-33 first Gen and one of the electric chronographs Then I sold off some of them to buy a Rolex GMT Master II and a Rolex Sea-Dweller and the biggest mistake of my watch collecting time was selling off the remaining Speedmasters and the two Rolexes to buy a Rolex Deep Sea - I hated it with a passion, made even worse by the loss of some special watches I had put together and in retrospect retrospect I wish I had kept the Speedmaster MkII racing, Gemini 4 and the GMT Master II. Sold the Deep Sea and bought a Sea Dweller again and since then have replaced some of the watches I sold such as an X-33 and Speedmaster Mk 4.5 and bought a couple of modern Glycine Airman and have abandoned the idea of collection for eclectic and I have a mixture of things: Sea Dweller, Explorer II, Aerospace, X33, Mk4.5, Airman, Doxa, CWC, Vostok, Tudor, Sturmanskie and several micro brand hand winders and vintage I am quite comfortable now, have abandoned themed collections for good, probably wont buy another high-end watch
  16. I have always liked these, congratulations!
  17. I have used LVMH several times and have had exemplary service, the watches came back working perfectly and looking like new. As has been mentioned if something isn't right they are more likely to sort it out than a independent. You only have to read some of the tales of woe on watch forums to realise that not all independents do work of good quality or should be trusted to work on a complex movement like a Calibre 16
  18. Hmm, I don't like the two tone titanium and gilt stainless steel case
  19. The movement has an ETA 2824 as the base, which is a nice movement but it isn't made by Bucherer
  20. Hello @jasonm long time no see!!! Hope all is well
  21. I bought a Swatch on a flight to Ibiza when they first came out in 1983, it was my only watch for a good number of years I had the model 1st on the left with an all black dial in this picture of the original 12
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