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  1. Got a surprise when they sent me the Tudor Black Bay quote - £240 inc VAT for the service and £120 if I want the case and bracelet refurbishing. Sadly the other quotes were not a surprise RG's Ladies' Yacht Master £600 for service inc VAT and £107 for a new sapphire crystal Sea Dweller £600 for service inc VAT plus an optional £128 for a crystal
  2. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/heroic-derby-pensioner-fights-crowbar-1999155
  3. Hmmm, tricky one, I know with the SBDX001 version Seiko UK used to send them to Japan to get serviced, not sure this is still the case. There are so few MM around in the UK I don't know if there are good independents (of which there aren't many) who have experience of this watch. More to do with the specialised monocoque case and the fact that everything comes out of the front of the watch. I would give the Seiko service centre a call or email first
  4. I haven't seen one which looks like that, I also looked in the Omega bible and didn't see it. Hard to tell from the photographs, because they are so small, but the pristine dial suggests to me it has been redialled. Where would you find Geneve? Chrono 24 is a good outlet but do your research before committing
  5. Very nice and a good way to help you remember the holiday! I think it is interesting how Oris have upgraded the SW220-1 base to include a small seconds and 24 hour hand.
  6. Another Elgin "sidewinder" with a Elgin G.M. Wheeler Grade 82 movement the serial number of which dates to 1895.
  7. Well I am an admin on a watch forum so am supposed to know what's going on Still won't make me buy a watch though!
  8. Owned by a UK company, nothing to do with Russia these days, I think the same company also own Accurist and Limit. Made in Hong Kong they sell around 2 million watches a year most of which probably end up in landfill in pretty short order. Pre-1990 Sekonda are worth owning as most are rebadged Poljot, Slava, Raketa etc. Most watch advertising campaigns are pretty bad IMO be they on a yacht or in Sekonda's "real life amigo". Did David Beckham inspire me to buy a Tudor? Nope. Did Michael Bublé inspire me to buy a Rolex? Nope. Did Breitling's cinema squad inspire me to buy a Chronomat? Nope. Will Sekonda's "real life amigo" inspire me to buy a Sekonda? Nope, I would rather have a cheap GShock or a Vostok Except in the 80's they were decent Soviet made watches not the Hong Kong stuff they sell now
  9. UK price £1300 to £1435 at Jura
  10. Doxa have announced a new model, the Sub 600T in the usual suite of Doxa colours Very angular with lots of sharp edges, not sure about this one at all
  11. I was tempted to buy the steel version with the red LCD/LED screen which is a much more sensible £675. That is I was tempted until I tried one on, it has a butterfly bracelet clasp with two protruding pushers, it was very uncomfortable. Why do watchmakers use these bloody clasps?
  12. Best Picture (Best Watch) Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 Best Director (Best Brand) Rolex Best Actor (Best Dial) Omega Speedmaster Automatic 176.0012 Best Actress (Best Finishing) Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220R Best Supporting Actor (Best Bracelet or Strap) Doxa Sub 600T Divingstar Best Special Effects (Best Complication) Rolex Explorer II 16570 Best Animated Feature (Best Digital Watch) Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 3291.50.00 Best Original Screenplay (Best Microbrand Watch) Wilson Watch Works Best Live Action Short (Best Budget / Sub £500 Watch) Vostok Amphibia 110650 Best Costume (Best Box) Omega X-33 Space Suit fabric box Best Make Up (Best Lume) Marathon Navigator Finally an award for Lifetime Achievement
  13. If you could find someone to repair the movement it would probably cost more than buying a donor watch on ebay
  14. With a sales line of "we sell dreams" I can understand why he is no longer there!
  15. A sales manager at a flagship store who knows what a Seiko 5 is, well I never!
  16. Can't argue with your assessment it is a great looking chronograph
  17. I have this > and this > I enjoy wearing both Unlike some I try not to judge people who buy expensive watches, the number of posts I have seen on here in the last 20 years dripping with inverse snobbery and barely disguised resentment has been an eye-opener at times. I don't care why someone buys a Breitling or a Rolex or a Hublot or a Jacob & Co etc - if they can afford and it gives them pleasure good luck to them We should have more horological live and let live
  18. IWC Ingenieur 322701 A sad tale, I loved this watch, the textured dial, ridiculously high magnetic resistance, the heft of the case, the quality of build, the new in-house movement ... so why did it go? The bracelet kept coming undone, the clasp only had one catch and had the habit of popping open when the wrist was flexed to a certain position, I tried wearing it looser and wearing it tighter, made no difference. I concluded that a heavy watch with a badly designed bracelet catch was not a keeper. Of course it might be OK on a different wrist but it was no good for me.
  19. I have three in at Rolex St James's - minimum £1800 - my 2022 budget blown already
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