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  1. I have the paperback version, haven't read it yet, on the list for later this year - the job sounds interesting! I think Connor above also co-wrote the Weights and Measure of Scotland although it wasn't published until 2004 possibly after his death
  2. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Two 9" paint roller sleeves
  3. Thumbs up from me even if it is a bit pricey for a Miyota
  4. The Weights and Measures of England by R.D. Connor Surprisingly interesting - didn't know that grains of barley were so important in the history of measurement of weight and length!
  5. I ordered the wrong sleeves for my paint rollers, bought 12", should have bought 9" - no explanation why
  6. JoT


    You have my sympathy! I have spent much of the day on my knees! Still decorating Finished cutting in above the skirting board, corners and around the doors, removed the radiator and painted the wall behind, repaired some damage on the window sill and took the blinds down ready for tomorrow. Hopefully I can start with the roller soon.
  7. JoT


    Bedroom skirting boards painted, my knees are relieved it's over
  8. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Thai green curry with chicken, mushrooms and green beans with a dish of cabbage and soy sauce on the side - quite healthy I think
  9. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    5 litres of Dulux cornflower white paint 6 Spice Tailor curry kits I like a Chinese curry form time to time
  10. JoT


    Painting the bedroom; cut in the ceiling / wall junction and around the doors, oh the joy
  11. I like my red variant, at the time I almost went for black and sometimes I do prefer the black version
  12. Started painting the bedroom this morning, don't like the colour so I stopped painting
  13. @bowie I haven't used that lens so can't really comment how it performs it is also a discontinued lens I think although there are a few around, Curry's has one for £157 which is pretty good https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/cameras-and-camcorders/photography-accessories/lenses/olympus-m-zuiko-digital-ed-12-50-mm-f-3-5-6-3-standard-zoom-lens-21019315-pdt.html My other half uses the pancake version of the 14-42mm lens, it is very compact and performs well, you lose a bit on the focal length at either end but for me it wouldn't be an issue. This is the one https://shop.olympus.eu/en_GB/lenses/om-d-pen-lenses/m-zuiko-digital-ed-14-42mm-f3-5-5-6-ez-pancake They can normally be found pre-owned for about £120, MPB have a few. There's also this clever lens cap which opens when the lens is activated https://shop.olympus.eu/en_GB/lenses/accessories/lc-37c-lens-cap I found these blogs very useful when I got my E-M5 helped me set up - the menu is pretty good when you get used to it, a bit daunting at first but you will soon get the hang of it http://thumati.com/chronicle/2013/4/7/setting-up-olympus-omd-em5 https://robinwong.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-robin-wongs-om-d-camera-cheat-sheet.html and this video
  14. It certainly is sad, one of the reasons given is the dramatic improvement in the quality of mobile phone cameras, many people have just stopped buying cameras, especially compact cameras, and there aren't enough enthusiasts around for the higher priced and more complex offerings. Other camera companies are also struggling such as Nikon and we might see more casualties to add to the likes of: Bronica, Contax, Yashica, Konica / Minolta, Rollei My micro four thirds digital kit which all fits into a small bag (times by 2 to get 35mm equivalent) photo taken with my mobile phone 12-40 f2.8 Pro zoom 25 f1.8 prime lens 45 f1.8 portrait lens 60 f2.8 Macro 40-150 f4-5.6 kit lens OMD E-M5 camera body
  15. After more than 80 years manufacturing cameras Olympus is giving up. The company that brought us the groundbreaking Olympus Pen, Olympus Trip, OM-1 SLR, Zuiko lenses and the OM-D EM5 can no longer turn a profit in its camera division. The division is being sold to Japan Industrial Partners Inc a private equity fund which buys distressed assets and turns them around. JIP bought Sony's Vaio computer division who are now branded as Vaio and making a decent go of it as an independent business, so perhaps there is hope. What about the four-thirds / micro four-thirds format which Olympus developed with Eastman Kodak? Other than Olympus only Panasonic Lumix adopted the format so there is some concern about its survival. For someone like me who isn't an expert amateur the four-thirds system gives me all I need in a mirrorless camera with a wide range of lenses and image quality good enough to print a photograph at A3 or larger. It also allows my kit to be very compact and lightweight. An interesting comparison between standard lenses, APS-C lenses and micro-four-thirds lenses showed that the micro-four thirds equivalent of a 300mm telephoto, 14-28mm zoom and 50mm prime lens weighs 0.85kg against 7.5kg for the standard lenses and 2.25kg for the APS-C lenses while the volume is only 7.2% of the standard lens and 42% of the APS-C. The format does have some disadvantages but these can usually be worked around (depth of field for example). Back to Olympus - JIP may make a go of it but it is unlikely they will have the resources to keep the innovation at Olympus levels - who knows? Personally I am sad, having owned an OM1-n and a selection of Zuiko lenses since 1974 and having the OM-D E-0M5 digital mirrorless micro-four-thirds camera and several lenses (not to mention having bought rolexgirl an OM-D E-M10); I hope they survive.
  16. Modern take on the radio room Vostok
  17. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Dust sheets, filler, sandpaper, paint kettle, roller trays, paint brushes, paint no excuse now Except the heat
  18. @BondandBigM 1976 if you can remember that far back, bloody hot, I was working as a window cleaner that summer while waiting to start with the fire brigade, never been so hot!
  19. Bloody hot last night so a four pack of John Smiths went into the freezer along with the glasses and drank them with @rolexgirl at extra cold lager temperature!
  20. Watching "Please Sir" starring John Alderton as the hapless teacher Mr Hedges aka "Privit" Very un-PC and not a hint of woke anywhere! It is being shown on Forces TV
  21. Very nice Nigel. looks in great condition I am still chewing over what to do with my diesel BMW it's only a 316 Sports automatic but runs great and has enough poke for my needs. It is on a 62 plate with only 50,000 miles on the clock and has the sports or comfort mode options, great car if not that inspiring. The war on diesel seems to be continuing and I really don't know what to do, keep it and run it into the ground which will take about 15 years or sell it while there is some value and buy something else. I did think about a BMW 330e SE saloon which is a plug-in / self charging hybrid but there is so much I don't like about hybrids, for example the 330e is 200 kg heavier than a petrol only version, it only has a 40 litre fuel tank and at about 50 mpg on a long distance journey is no better than my 316 diesel (take no notice of the bullcrap 140 mpg BMW number for the 330e) and with the electric motor turned off or if the battery is drained you will be lucky to get 30 mpg from the petrol engine alone. Finally the boot is small given the need for a battery and a fuel tank. Maybe I should stick to the diesel and get a Euro 6d-temp but then Euro 7 will come in a year or two and the goalposts will change again I wish they would just leave us alone
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