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  1. Fully wound about 40 hours or so Manually winding 25 to 30 turns should do it but if you are wearing it for part of the day it probably won't need winding manually The automatic only winds in one direction and is quite efficient in my experience
  2. You have probably bought what is known as a "Baby Monster"
  3. Chopard for me but it still doesn't bowl me over. Annoying things on the dial include the superfluous "Months" "Days" "Seconds" printed on the subdials, also the week indicator is an unnecessary addition, it unbalances the dial, I hate it when designers take bites out of subdials!
  4. I don't believe it is about showing off, as a generalisation the fabulously wealthy who can afford the type of timepieces we are discussing don't need to show off. For example the the AP Minute Repeater Supersonnerie at SF295,000 would not be recognisable as a watch of that value to all except very knowledgeable aficionados. If I was a multi-millionaire I would buy one and post it once a week in the WRUW thread
  5. I admire the engineering which goes into some of these limited edition pieces but for the most part their aesthetic features don't appeal to me at all. I watch the videos as well and they often elicit similar feelings to @RTM Boy If money was no object would I buy one? Generally no - but I would consider something like this AP Minute Repeater Supersonnerie at SF295,000
  6. Just go to a Breitling boutique with your deposit and buy something, it is starting to get a bit tedious now
  7. I am sure someone will be along with the appropriate knowledge, in the interim you will find the costs on here: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/watch-cleaning-rinsing-fluids
  8. There was a Lucerne Watch Co in the USA who assembled watches, mainly from Swiss parts, rather than a true manufacturer, I don't think they are still going. There are also generic Swiss watches with the Lucerne name made by various private label manufacturers
  9. It always comes as a bit of a shock when I fasten the Aerospace on my wrist, weighs next to nothing, about 50g on a bracelet!
  10. I find I get used to a watch after a day or two whatever the weight, in fact I quite like the feel of a heavy watch! But you are correct not all manufacturers disclose the weight, you can usually find weights in watch reviews.
  11. Four months, 283 replies and 6,700 views The suspense is killing us
  12. Just to give the B'ling Chronomat a plug, here is the Bentley green version
  13. I think you can wear just about anything with smart/business casual, certainly no problem with wearing the Seamaster !
  14. 50 sheets of A4 card Pre-paid for a hotel and venue
  15. The new Chronomat is a beauty, although there are better dial colours than the one pictured
  16. Under-desk foot rest for RG Membership fees for a professional institution 10 x G9 silicone encapsulated light bulbs 250ml apricot kernel oil Sewing pattern for my mother Paid for a videographer in Gretna Green
  17. Started reading The Brightness of Morning by our resident travel writer @AVO
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