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  1. For a simple job such as replacing a glass and buffing a bracelet / case try https://www.michaelswift.co.uk/services If the glass was smashed there might be a danger of small parts of glass in the movement and it might need a service as well
  2. @Noob101 Matt your could try http://www.simonfreesewatchmakers.com/ or https://swisstimeservices.co.uk/ Both very good vintage Omega repairers
  3. I like it, looks good on the black strap. They have made a great job of the movement
  4. There's no reason why you can't have a go at changing the battery yourself, as long as you have the correct tools (a good screwdriver is essential), from bitter experience you have to be careful with the screws they have a habit of disappearing from the table. If you get stuck you could always post pictures on here for advice
  5. Needed a run, haven't worn it for a long time
  6. BMW and yes Wilson puts together nice watches, they are on your side of the pond as well
  7. The flowers have a nice fragrance, but it is a poisonous plant, if you have young children or animals around make sure they don't ingest it. They can also spread quickly via underground rhizomes as well as by seeds and can take over a bed if you aren't careful
  8. I also enjoy hand-wind watches, and have a few Unitas powered watches, a few Vostok / Poljot and several pocket watches, I enjoy the winding, the interaction with the watch and feeling for the point when it is fully wound.
  9. CWC T20 GS with protective shroud
  10. Your best bet would be to keep an eye on EBay, possibly a donor clock
  11. Breitling B1 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Omega X33 Omega Speedmaster Mk4.5 Orfina Royal Navy Seiko SKX007 Seiko SKXA35 Seiko 6105 Seiko 6309 Breitling Superocean Breitling Aerospace Porsche Design by Orfina chronograph Rolex Explorer II Rolex Sea Dweller That's all I can remember but there are others I am sure
  12. A wrist picture, the crown and pushers are too prominent B
  13. Get her a CWC T20 General Service watch - good quality Ronda quartz movement, super luminova lume, fixed bars so no chance of it being ripped off her wrist Put it on a black NATO, you can even get case protectors for them Great little watch I have one myself Sorted!
  14. The AD is correct and AD's tend not to get involved in scams, that's why they are ADs
  15. Schurren Unitas 6498
  16. The stainless steel chronograph doesn't look too bad, although from these photographs it is hard to tell, I need to see "live" pictures Likes: dial on the standard chronograph model, Rouleaux bracelet, UTC Module option (resurrected after quite a long break. pilots will be happy) Dislikes: Size, it would have been better at 42mm and could have been achieved easily by shaving 1mm off the bezel, after all it's not a diver's watch; bezel again, it looks like they have minute marks 0 to 15 and 45 to 60, I don't get it especially as the Chronomat was conceived as a pilot watch with the be
  17. Benidorm is the European capital of fake goods with Gucci being one of the most common
  18. JoT


    From the album: JoT's Watch Gallery

  19. I have bitten the bullet and ordered a "Brennan B2" Rips, stores and plays CDs I got the 480Gb model which will hold around 1000 CDs stored as FLAC I have around 550 CDs so I will have room to add more ripped CDs or MP3s
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