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  1. For us watch cognoscenti that may be true but we are in the minority, do GS want to sell more watches or not?
  2. Lassalle was a disaster from the outset, buying a small Swiss watchmaker but not buying the rights to their ultrathin mechanical movements (which were sold to Piaget) was not a smart move, not to mention the garish designs! Credor was always primarily a domestic market brand and are still going (over 200 models I read) some of the minimalist models aren't too bad but a lot are pretty garish. I always got the feeling Seiko were trying to Europeanise their premium dress market range for the Japan market to compete against the Swiss, the original name gives it away "Crêt D’or". Some 40 to 5
  3. Looks that way, how recently did he buy it from you?
  4. Welcome aboard @Tthew can't go wrong with the watches you mention in your post, stick around and you will soon but a hole in your cycling budget! Just a reminder that posts about fakes are not permitted on the forum
  5. Welcome aboard Gen my better half usually wears men's watches too plenty of choice in the 34mm to 36mm range especially vintage
  6. There's a reason why Rolex don't make £150 watches and the Swatch Group don't make cheap Omegas Grand Seiko are fine watches but they have missed a trick in terms of marketing by having Seiko in the name This is a Seiko, it costs £149.99 This is also a Seiko, it costs £54,000, see the problem? The name doesn't detract from the watch or the quality of the engineering but it sure as hell has a big impact of many people's perception of the watch, Now if only they had called the Grand Seiko; 渋さ I will send my consulting fee invoice later
  7. I wondered why you had been clearing out the cupboard! Very nice
  8. New arrival thanks to @Roy Stellaris Electronic driven by a Seiko 3300 movement (possibly the 33020A) it is a transistorised movement with balance wheel. Stellaris is a brand of the USA retail company Sears, Roebuck and Co. and this watch is probably 1972 or 73 Nice size at 39mm diameter, crown is between 2 and 3 position and flush with the case. Lug width is a smidgen under 18mm so it could be a USA made case with imperial measurements and 7/10" lug width. Nice size to wear at 39mm, dial in great condition for its age and running very well indeed with excellent time k
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