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  1. It surprising how often it happens, even when driven by people who should know better. A few years ago an Aerial-Ladder-Platform, driven by a Middlesbrough firefighter, hit a bridge on Boundary Road Middlesbrough. It's a well known low bridge at 11' 3" and he was driving an appliance which is at least a foot higher than the bridge!
  2. Forged carbon is just a fancy name for forged composite, Lamborghini and Calloway have got some sort of research agreement. Interesting choice of material not sure I can recall anybody else in the watch world using it
  3. I like the functionality of these watches
  4. I like the watch but couldn't live with the strap!
  5. Welcome to the forum and you have a nice collection. As you are using ibb if you copy the BB Code then you will be able to post the image
  6. A certain well known pre-owned dealer seems to be offering a pawn-broker type service now where you can sell him your watch for three months and buy it back less commission - at first I thought he was taking advantage but on reflection I think it is not a bad idea for someone who is temporarily laid off
  7. I like the £22k poverty stainless version though
  8. JoT

    DIY haircuts.

    Rolexgirl has just given me a haircut, #4 with Wahl clipper - not bad for a first attempt - been a ling time since it has been so short!
  9. All I know is what they are seen usually wearing in public, it is pointless speculating what they might have hidden away at home
  10. You often find that really rich people wear something cheap, I seem to recall that Abramovich wears cheap watches as does Bill Gates If I was as rich as croesus I don't know what I would wear, although it wouldn't be a Hublot Perhaps a stainless steel AP Royal Oak
  11. LVMH have announced they are leaving as well - so that Tag-Heuer, Hublot, Zenith, Bulgari It's all over for Baselworld I quite enjoyed the annual expectation of new releases and the hubris once they were released! But fully understand why the watch companies have decided that time is up
  12. I wasn't aware that STS sold watches on EBay, worth checking in my opinion, they are based in Essex if that helps.
  13. Breitling have give the Chronomat a makeover and reintroduced their iconic rouleaux bracelet in an updated form 42mm diameter, B01 movement, sapphire crystal, WR 200m, COSC Dial options: copper, green, anthracite or blue with black or blue contrasting chronograph counters, or tone-on-tone contrasting counters; or in black with silver contrasting counters. There will also be a Breitling for Bentley and Frecce Tricolori versions as well. I like it Price £6750 for steel, £9750 for two-tone and £6750 for Bentley and Tricolori
  14. The problems for MCH Group, who own and run Baselworld, have just taken a turn for the worse and might be fatal for the show. The 2020 show was cancelled because of Covid19 and yesterday Rolex, Tudor, Patek Philippe, Chanel and Chopard announced they are leaving Baselworld. This adds to the Swatch Group who announced in 2018 they were leaving followed by Breitling, Corum and Maurice Lacroix. Rolex et al are creating a new watch show with the FHH and will be linked to "Watches and Wonders" and other brands may be added. The show will be aimed at retailers, the press and VIP customers so it looks like the great unwashed will have to press our noses to the window! MCH GROUP IS SURPRISED AT THE STATEMENTS MADE REGARDING THE BASELWORLD CANCELLATIONS Here is the official statement from Baselworld's show organizer: "It is with great surprise and equally great regret that the MCH Group takes note of the cancellation of major exhibitors at Baselworld. The new date for the unavoidable postponement of Baselworld 2020 was defined jointly with leading exhibitors. The objective was to find the earliest and best possible date for the industry following the Covid-19 related measures. The companies now "migrating" including Rolex spoke out in favour of a postponement to January 2021. They are also represented on the Exhibitors' Committee, where the future vision of Baselworld has been discussed on several occasions and has met with a positive response, as was also evidenced by countless individual discussions. The intention to move to Geneva has never been mentioned. The MCH Group must therefore conclude that the relevant plans have been in preparation for some time and that the discussions concerning the financial arrangements for the cancellation of Baselworld 2020 are now being put forward as an argument. On the basis of the positive and supportive feedback received from exhibitors, especially the small and medium-sized exhibitors from the watch, jewellery, gemstone and supplier industries, the MCH Group decided last year to invest substantial sums in the further development of Baselworld and in the establishment of additional digital platforms. The MCH Group is convinced that, in addition to a physical platform, a connection with the community must be maintained throughout the year. More than ever before, it sees an opportunity to develop a modern platform in the watch and jewellery industry for brands that do not rely primarily on tradition, but above all on innovation. In the next few weeks, the MCH Group will be making a decision on the continuation of Baselworld and on investments in its further development, which is geared to the long term."
  15. You have to wonder about the mindset of an author who thought writing this was a good idea!!
  16. Can't help you with another movement but thanks for the post and pictures of the detective work.
  17. I use a chronograph when working out on site, if I remember to wear one that is! If I don't remember then I use a phone.
  18. Great collection and good articles, thanks for posting
  19. Some good news, the restoration is progressing and there will be a small Good Friday service held in the cathedral. A long way to go
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