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  1. I did one deal on C24 from a dealer in the Netherlands, it went seamlessly, more down to the dealer than C24 so "buy the seller" is still advised IMO
  2. I think I have gone mesh mad I find them extremely comfortable to wear, they are not that expensive compared to some other options and to my eyes at least I think they look better than a lot of conventional bracelets.
  3. Nivrel (ETA 6497) on its morning walk
  4. Well said @yokel The two end-members of my collection and both please me!
  5. Choice is more limited with no-date but if you can bring yourself to accept a date then have a look at Longines
  6. Thanks Honor good review I can see they have tried to differentiate the watch from many others out there, at first I though "oh no, what have they done" but after thinking about it for a while I have decided I quite like the new watch. The dodecagon bezel looks good and I like the case design, it doesn't overpower the watch. The dial; I like the date window at 6 and don't mind a cyclops, a no-date option would be good though. The octagon hour markers, initial reaction was no, but studying the live pictures again I have come around to thinking they work. The hand set is much better than the original as I have never been a big fan of cathedral hands on a dive watch, they are like a cross between paddle and sword hands
  7. I ordered a couple of Benson 8 space boxes recently, I will give a review when they arrive Currently have a battered old Panerai 8 space box which is quite good for larger watches as it has good separation between slots and an 8 space Glycine wooden box. I think I bought the Glycine box off Neil at Chronomaster
  8. Some unique(ish) watches I own or have owned - all made in small or relatively small numbers
  9. I wouldn't do this for an auction in case somebody on here was bidding but this one is buy-it-now A copper dialled RLT39 on EBay for £200 Only 20 x 39's were made in total with three different dials https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114846900652?hash=item1abd68a1ac:g:CHYAAOSwYehgwzI-
  10. Not a regular octagon but it does have 8 sides
  11. I am going to be a bit bah humbug here because I don't think watches will look much different, microbrands will still be turning them out, big names will still be producing updated watches inspired by their back catalogues and I will be in my mid-90's still wearing my Sea Dweller, moaning about modern Rolex watches and telling people what good value Vostoks are
  12. That dial is so over the top I actually like it, you certainly won't see another watch which looks like this!
  13. And on my other wrist .... Something which matches this glorious sunny morning Sub 600T Divingstar limited edition
  14. Stellaris Electronic probably has the Seiko Seiko 3302A movement from the early 1970's Stellaris was a brand owned by the US department store group Sears Roebuck
  15. I have black linings in my box lower maintenance
  16. @bdalg1 I owned a Muhle Glashutte SAR about 12 or so years ago, couldn't fault the quality As for Jay's comments about them being boring, take it with a pinch of salt, after all he likes Jack Mason watches
  17. Drop an email to https://www.michaelswift.co.uk/ and see if he can help, for info the movement is a F6922 Caliber Automatic
  18. Looks OK to me, it would look better once the bracelet is adjusted correctly
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