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  1. 1 hour ago, JayDeep said:

    For those that love that cool cushion case diver look of the classic Doxa, but cannot afford the hefty price tag, what are the alternatives?

    I've got a Doxa, but also have, on order, a Seiko based mod build known as the Soxa!

    But now there's something else. The! They're hard to find now, many are sold out directly, but can be found for under $500 USD on Etsy and eBay.


    A design rip-off, little better than a counterfeit in my opinion 



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  2. My order of preference is:

    1. Bracelet
    2. NATO
    3. Leather
    4. Rubber

    Bracelets are good in all weathers, they are also very secure, I have never had a bracelet fail or pop a spring bar. NATO are comfortable to wear and good in all weathers but you have to be careful with spring bars as it can be easy to pop one, I usually fit 1.5mm or 1.8mm shoulder-less spring bars to a watch if I am wearing it on a NATO, it is the next best thing to a fixed bar. I like the way leather looks on a watch but in my opinion it is not suitable for all weathers, horrible to wear in summer and can get smelly. Rubber or resin straps, I just can't get on with them, which is a shame because I like the way they look. 

  3. On 16/07/2021 at 21:28, AlWright said:

    Good evening,

    I wonder if anyone is able to help? I am after the insulation that sits under the battery of a Tissot touch classic. I gave the watch to my daughters boyfriend, he works at a jewellery store and said that he could change the battery. When I got it back the display went off after only a few minutes. To cut a long story short…. I found out that he must of thrown the insulation away with the old battery. I could do with getting hold of a replacement if someone knows where I could buy one from.


    many thanks,



    You have a few options, send it to Tissot to replace the battery, buy a gross of insulators or have a go at making your own


  4. Having worn Seiko watches since the 70's I can't say I have noticed anything different, other than improved quality of the vast majority of their watches. Has Seiko's alleged QC failings just become one of those internet things which lacks hard evidence, do a few people on Youtube really mean things have got worse :hmmm9uh:

    I can certainly remember the occasional misaligned bezel or second hand in the 70's and 80's

  5. 2 hours ago, coffeekid said:

    Thanks, that’s very interesting.  The watch seems to be losing around 1 second per day. I’ll try different positions over the next while and see do any make it better or worse

    Minus 1 second a day is very good, and well within COSC range (-4 to +6 seconds) not sure of Tudor apply the same -2 to +2 seconds Rolex is reputed to use but if they do it is also within that range.

    1 second a day means your watch is 99.999% accurate


  6. I don't think @Roy should act as an escrow agent, it would be more trouble than it is worth and there are legal and tax implications as has been pointed out.   

    I have been on the forum since 2003 and a moderator for much of that time. There have been very few incidents during this time where sales have proved to be fraudulent. The admin team are good at weeding out new members who look like they are only here to sell before they reach the 50 post classifieds threshold, but we don't catch them all and of course there is no way of telling if one or other is dishonest.

    One option would be to increase the Classified access threshold to 200 posts



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