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  1. 54 minutes ago, Roger the Dodger said:

    They quite often say they're going to do something, then in the next shot, it's been done with no explanation of how...for instance, one of the experts was repairing a grandfather clock and mentioned that the dial should be resilvered using a powdered silvering compound (I've only ever seen liquid silvering solutions). They showed the start of the process, then cut to the finished thing, which wasn't very informative.

    I stopped watching the newer series because of the move away from showing how and increasing the amount of fluffy fill - another series I am fond of "Car SOS" has done the same, latest series shows less of the cars being repaired and more of the presenters swanning around

  2. TV channels worth a look during lock-down

    • Talking Pictures TV - describes itself as an archive film and TV channel - lot's of old British films and classic TV series - Rumpole of the Bailey, Rooms, The Rogues, Hazell, Out, Get Some In, Sunday Night at the London Palladium, Danger UXB
    • Sony Movies Classic - old films, good mix of British and American
    • Forces TV - shows old TV series - Miami Vice, Special Branch, Never The Twain, Robin's Nest, Quantum Leap, The Dukes of Hazzard, Shelley, Tripper's Day
    • London Live - shows a selection of old movies not seen on other channels plus old TV shows - Callan, Birds of a Feather, Men Behaving Badly
    • TCM Movies - has started to show a good selection of old movies again after really losing its way although on my TV I always have problem with the sound on this channel.
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