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  1. 48 minutes ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

    Not sure where the motivation came from with that model line .... Almost like a Frankenstein watch by accident. I have been an enthusiast of the brand for 30 years now but not so sure about their current offerings.... Omega get slated but they do deliver for their fan base , surely Breitling need to do the same ......

    My lad bought a Superocean Heritage 44 chronograph but hasn't really bonded with it, nice enough watch but for what he paid it isn't that special. What he really wanted was a Professional but the quartz line has been pared down to the Endurance which is horrible, the Aerospace which is too thin for him and the modern version of the Emergency - there is no modern equivalent of the B1 (which he also has) now the Airwolf (daft name), Chronospace and Cockpit have gone

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  2. I regret selling my Seamaster GMT calibre 1128 model SU168.1613

    For the first couple of years they came on the traditional SMPro bracelet but then Omega switched to this bracelet which transformed the watch IMO



    I also regret selling this Omega Speedmaster MkII with the racing dial, I had it full restored by STS, it was immacualte



    And to complete my Omega hat-trick this Seamaster 300 made from NOS parts



    Quite painful in retrospect :(

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Rotundus said:

    A lot of this waffle about branding perhaps comes down to what the wearer thinks of other peoples opinion of his or her watch. Since moi couldn't give a flying fig what anyone else thinks of my stuff GS can call themselves what ever they want as long as they make a decent product at a not too stupid price.



    For us watch cognoscenti that may be true but we are in the minority, do GS want to sell more watches or not?

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  4. 16 minutes ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

    Ditto ,,, I get Italian designer t-shirts that no one has ever heard of ... [ always in the sale mind , way too tight to pay full ticket ] ,, they look a bit Sainsburys/Next/George , but are not ... I get them because the weave is exceptional. I discovered the brand by accident at Napoli Airport a few years back ... The GS effect ,,, but on my back ... :thumbsup:

    Lassalle was a disaster from the outset, buying a small Swiss watchmaker but not buying the rights to their ultrathin mechanical movements (which were sold to Piaget) was not a smart move, not to mention the garish designs! Credor was always primarily a domestic market brand and are still going (over 200 models I read) some of the minimalist models aren't too bad but a lot are pretty garish. I always got the feeling Seiko were trying to Europeanise their premium dress market range for the Japan market to compete against the Swiss, the original name gives it away  "Crêt D’or".

    Some 40 to 50 years on from Credor / Crêt D’or and Lassalle launches I think they could leverage the "Japaneseness" (is that a word?) of Grand Seiko - would Rolex ever have Rolex and Grand Rolex or the Swatch Group have Omega and Grand Omega nope - Rolex have got Tudor and the Swatch Group have Omega and Longines/Tissot etc 

    Not running down the watches I just think Grand Seiko could have better branding    

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  5. 3 hours ago, WRENCH said:

    Maybe they could all learn something from Honda's marketing team.

    This costs £2949.


    and this costs £19.999.


    In terms of quality the two would never be confused, and are bought on the purchasers perceptions of their merits.

    They aren't watches

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  6. Welcome aboard @Tthew can't go wrong with the watches you mention in your post, stick around and you will soon but a hole in your cycling budget!

    On 19/02/2021 at 15:04, Tthew said:

    Hi Jacob. I'm not such a fan of my SKX007 since I found out it's a fake. :angry: I've spent decent money on replacing the movement which broke and putting a ceramic bezel insert in too. 

    Just a reminder that posts about fakes are not permitted on the forum

  7. There's a reason why Rolex don't make £150 watches and the Swatch Group don't make cheap Omegas

    Grand Seiko are fine watches but they have missed a trick in terms of marketing by having Seiko in the name

    This is a Seiko, it costs £149.99



    This is also a Seiko, it costs £54,000, see the problem?



    The name doesn't detract from the watch or the quality of the engineering but it sure as hell has a big impact of many people's perception  of the watch,

    Now if only they had called the Grand Seiko;    渋さ

    I will send my consulting fee invoice later


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