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  1. 10 hours ago, BooJewels said:

    I'm only not wearing my Parsifal at the moment as the battery has gone.  Having had it from new, I've always sent it away for what is referred to as a 'minor service' - just a battery change and pressure testing.  I was very disappointed after the last one that it cost a tidy sum and wasn't even cleaned and there were scratches around the screws - I found it was just sent to some authorised service house, not RW themselves - and was gone for many weeks.  I'm gradually talking myself into changing the battery myself this time, as I simply can't afford the fee.  I routinely change watch batteries etc. and don't see why I can't do this one (and my TAG Aquaracer which has also gone down at much the same time) - but there's talk of some models being pressurised - I assume that only refers to watches like yours above, where waterproofing is a salient feature of the design?  I don't even wash my hands wearing a watch, so diving is never going to be in the watches future.

    If I'm careful with the seal and put it in a pot of silicone grease whilst I change the battery and am careful with the screws, is there any reason why I can't just do it myself?

    There's no reason why you can't have a go at changing the battery yourself, as long as you have the correct tools (a good screwdriver is essential), from bitter experience you have to be careful with the screws they have a habit of disappearing from the table. If you get stuck you could always post pictures on here for advice 

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  2. 3 hours ago, JayDeep said:

    I'm always curious to hear what others think of manual wind movements, as an in comparison to automatic mechanical kind of thing.

    Personally, I just can't help but really dig them. Admittedly I can't precisely say why, or give an educated reason as to that slight preference. Perhaps it's because I've just had so many automatics that I'm simply tired of them. I do love the look of a highly decorated manual behind glass. Or combined with that there's the thought that there's less complication about them, fewer moving parts, so an illusion of longer life is involved in the thought process? I don't actually think that though, a rotor doesn't really add that much to it. Maybe it's nostalgia, a preference to pay tribute to the mechanical titans of yesteryears.

    What are your thoughts on manual mechanical movements?

    I also enjoy hand-wind watches, and have a few Unitas powered watches, a few Vostok / Poljot and several pocket watches, I enjoy the winding, the interaction with the watch and feeling for the point when it is fully wound.


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  3. On 05/05/2021 at 19:59, midnitemo said:

    My youngest has just joined the Police as a graduate trainee constable(very proud) she needed a watch as it's part of the kit requirement , she is one of the generation that see's no use for a watch as her PDA/Phone is never out of her hand! I offered to let her have a suitable watch of mine for work , i opted to give her my Casio SGW100  , she has been wearing it to work about 6 weeks now and i'm hating it! lol , it's a tad to large on her at 43mm so i have ordered her a Baby G at 40mm just so i can get my watch back  #bad dad lol should have thought it through and dished up the F91W 

    Get her a CWC T20 General Service watch - good quality Ronda quartz movement, super luminova lume, fixed bars so no chance of it being ripped off  her wrist

    Put it on a black NATO, you can even get case protectors for them

    Great little watch I have one myself





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  4. 51 minutes ago, 55DRW said:


    Can anyone answer this question, I have been looking at a new Emergency 2 in a UK AD they have sent pics but in some the black face looks grey, I have spoken to Breitling and they say that at some angles the face is grey due to the glass.

    Can anyone confirm or is this a scam ????

    The AD is correct and AD's tend not to get involved in scams, that's why they are ADs

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  5. The stainless steel chronograph doesn't look too bad, although from these photographs it is hard to tell, I need to see "live" pictures

    Likes: dial on the standard chronograph model, Rouleaux bracelet, UTC Module option (resurrected after quite a long break. pilots will be happy)

    Dislikes: Size, it would have been better at 42mm and could have been achieved easily by shaving 1mm off the bezel, after all it's not a diver's watch; bezel again, it looks like they have minute marks 0 to 15 and 45 to 60, I don't get it especially as the Chronomat was conceived as a pilot watch with the bezel originally marked in minutes (which seems logical for pilot use) seems like they have got the bezel use confused with a diver's bezel; I don't like the coloured crown and chronograph pushers.

    In fact the more I look at it the more I think the bezel spoils what could have been quite a nice watch 

    It doesn't work for me in two-tone or gold

    The 4 year calendar is not for me either, much prefer the in-house B01 chronograph



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  6. 15 hours ago, HDDS123 said:

    Yea honestly I love gucci I bought loads from benidorm last year lol but seriously I appreciate your comments I think I'm gonna trying that say 50 pounds max for each 1 and if I lose it all then its a learning curve 

    Benidorm is the European capital of fake goods with Gucci being one of the most common 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

    I think a "Grail" watch concept is fabulous for experienced watch enthusiasts but can't help thinking its a rather dangerous concept for rookies.... or the casual collector. 

    If you think about it the grail was sought after but never obtained - on that basis maybe the Omega Seamaster GMT I bought wasn't a grail :hmmm9uh:

    And my grail was, and still is. an Audermars Piguet Royal Oak - sought after but out of reach

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