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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. they are definately pleasing on the eye but like you say better to see if anyone actually owns one of them : "proof is in the pudding" as they say!
  3. Hi Garry, loads of matches come up if you type nautica watches in to google (that is if you want to buy online?) i do most of my shopping online and have never had a problem - i must admit a recommendation is always good to have though
  4. cheers JoT - i realised that - i just thought one of you knowledgable chaps might have a bit of inside info or know something specification wise, etc.. ← Franck it isnt a brand that most watch enthusiasts would follow, it will be interesting to see how many "fathoms" it will be rated at. ←
  5. Franck I can highly recommend the CWC Royal Navy diver ... current issue to the British Royal Navy. It has a quartz movement and fixed bars. Here's mine: They are about £250 as I recall; there is also a black PVD version with day and date, current issue to the Special Boat Service. I can't post a commercial link on here, but if you are interested I will point you in the right direction. Incidentally beware of all the lookalikes (such as MWC and others) flooding the market .... this is the original! ← Could you recommend anywhere i could get a CWC? I do most of my shopping online, so if you could recommend a site that would be great. Cheers
  6. could anyone recommend a good Citizen military style watch for under £300 please?
  7. Can i just say that my MWC G10BH 2005 Spec is the worst watch that i have ever owned. It is falling to pieces after just over 18 months. Has anyone else had any other MWC bad experiences or have i just been unlucky? I know that they are an established brand and they cant all be bad - i suppose i cant complain when i only paid £50, but that is not the point!
  8. Whilst looking at a watch mentioned in another thread i have stumbled across a press release that includes this intriguing paragraph: "Soon to follow from MTM is the Special Ops Xtreme Diver - the world's first fully waterproof diving watch with depth resistance measured in fathoms not feet. Application is pending for entry into Guinness Book of Records for the title of the world's strongest, deepest diving watch." does anybody know anymore about this watch and whether it has been released in other countries, prices, etc..?
  9. doesnt matter just found it at ****link removed as per forum rules**** MTM also manufacture a Thunderhawk Special Ops Watch too. Also a good looking watch. I would be interested to know how the recharging system works. The press release page gives more information and some good high resolution pictures of the watch.
  10. I like this watch - are they available in the UK?
  11. I am a beginner really and i am probably out of my depth here - i am a fan of modern military watches and have a few models. My favourite is my Luminox Automatic Mechanical 1600 Series and my least favourite is a cheap MWC i bought a couple of years ago. I joined the site as an education and to see if anyone can recommend any other watches/brands in this genre and if there are any other more 'classic' watches that you can tempt me with p.s. my top end limit is £500
  12. where did ou get it from and what price please?
  13. what does everyone think of the new 6504 diver in orange? - i am particularly smitten i know it is relatively basic functionally but it looks great! new traser h3 diver p.s how do you upload photographs to this forum please
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