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  1. Thereabouts, although I'll consider reasonable lower offers. Yes, I appreciate a fully brushed case isn't to everyone's taste. Personally I find the shine off-putting of a polished case side, but each to their own!
  2. Selling my Davosa Ternos if anybody's interested in it: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162166882492?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 If you have any questions please eBay message or PM me through here. Thanks, Andy
  3. It's been a long time since I last posted (but lurked still) but thought I'd chip in.... My only watch at the moment is a CW Kingfisher C6 T3 LE. Negatives: I had to get the battery changed after only 2.5 to 3 years which was a bit disappointing (it's advertised as lasting 7 years, and I bought from nearly new-production), the lume pip turned a browny-grey soon after having it, and the butterfly clasp makes fine wrist-adjustments a pain to size, so in winter it's now either far too tight or too loose to wear comfortably. Plus as Nick555 mentions, the PVD coating on the bracelet isn't the best and shows a lot of hairlines. On the positive side though, it is a quartz but it is very well built and keeps time well (as to be expected!).Plus it gets very positive comments from 'watchy' (including one who wears a lovely Omega PO) and 'non-watchy'-type people, plus cost less than £100 new when I bought it! Compared to the 2 Seiko BM's and 007 I've owned and worn, I'd say it's definitively as robust and unique as either. Sure, it's not an auto (and that's a positive or negative to each-their-own) but it tells the time and (for the foreseeable future) is the only watch I can afford to own. I don't wear it 24/7 like I used to because of the bracelet issue I mentioned above, and their newer designs don't appeal to me, but it is refreshing to see another watch maker/producer enter the market, and especially one from the UK to compete with all the US/EU brands! Andy
  4. Thanks for the time you've taken and all the help you've been Quoll! :D I had a look and really couldn't see very clearly what the movement number is, but think it might well be MST 297 (or maybe 397?). Your knowledge has been very informative and without a doubt very interesting learning a bit of history. It's a shame that this style of watch really isn't up my street nor do I have the funds to get it cleaned up & restored, but I've certainly learnt something useful! :D Thanks again, Andy
  5. Further to my last post, I've now managed to prise the case back off and taken a look inside. I found the following info on the movement (sorry, couldn't see the movement number and don't have the skills to start playing about with the movement) - "Roamer 15 jewel - Swiss Made". Perhaps more interestingly, engraved on the inside of the caseback was the following info - "4239 254V E/H/T" And on the outside of the caseback is perhaps a serial number? "6037" Here's a few more pics: Cheers, Andy
  6. Thanks for the reply Quoll - went to try to open the back only to find that what I thought was the case back edge actually levered the whole movement and face out of the case (crystal still attached to the case)! :shocking: I'm not sure what that means - is the case a later edition too or was this a common practice in old watches? I looked to see whether I could lever the caseback off but it looks like it curces up around the sides slightly and I've neither the tools or confidence to try to open it now (though I think too it might be sealed - it certainly looks a tight fit to prise it apart if it is seperate). I'm completely confused by this watch now!
  7. Thanks for the reply Brian, that's helped a bit with the identification. Congratulations on your parents anniversary/Dad's birthday - that's a very sweet gesture for you to do and his wearing of a roamer really does prove the brands longevity! Cheers, Andy
  8. Well it's been a while since I managed to get my watch 'obsession' under some sort of control and since I've frequented these forums, but I'm hoping some more knowledgable members around here can help me out with some more information on a watch? My Mum picked up a box of random watches at an auction today and knowing my interest in them asked me to have a look through. To be honest there was mostly crap in there (lots of cheap quartz) though there is a Swatch Irony and a Citizen quartz ladies watch, but the only watch that was a mechanical is a Roamer branded one. Not knowing anything about this brand, I googled it and found quite a range of prices that they seem to sell for, but not that much information to tell me much about it! I'd be really grateful if any members who know about these watches could tell me anything to help me decide if it's just cheap tat or a steal? From a previous thread on here, I found out from Quoll the following background history: Here are a few pics (click for full size) I'm presuming from Quoll's history of the logo that this is an early 50s model? Up close the expanding bracelet looks like an aftermarket addition as it's not quite the same gold colour as the case. It seems to be in working order and has a lovely sound to it too. Not much info on the caseback though, which doesn't help in identifying it much! Although it's quite scratched up, I'm intrigued by the curved crystal too! Thanks for any help! Andy
  9. What face and watch are you planning on using them on? If it's black-faced then I'd go for the black ones. Then again I'd probably go for those regardless - I like the more extreme contrast they'd create. Andy
  10. Couldn't agree more! Though I'm enjoying my Seiko Monster, I find myself hankering after the simple style of the Sinn 656 now (or at least the cheaper Yabokies Seiko mod!) :rolleyes:
  11. That looks like a superb tool watch! Very clean dial too :) Enjoy it! Andy
  12. At least four! But only because I was bored at work and wanted to pass the time. Honest! ;)
  13. I agree. Easier to read IMO too. Just glad to see you back online Roy! :D
  14. And it's probably be undamaged and still glowing from the shadow of your tyre! :P
  15. Well <touch wood> it hasn't fallen apart yet! :D
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