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  1. Yes very nice strap.....where from?? Thanks / Cheers p
  2. Have tried to read all the info but still unable to figure out posting my pics from my google chromebook "jpg" Any simple help appreciated....cheers p
  3. We watch it every nite.....cheers from Canada......p .)
  4. "Wenger" for me also.....mine is well made and finished for the price....basic quartz mov't that is Swiss I was told (but could be assembled in Asia) runs well.....cheers p
  5. Mach.......the date for the very nice Timex should be at the bottom of the dial....last 2 digits....cheers p
  6. I feel $650 CDN for a Timex quartz is a little steep for me.......Cheers p
  7. ok Mach....usually with a loop and tilting the case sometimes you are able to make it out....cheers p
  8. Timex...looks like date at the bottom.....last 2 digits....cheers p
  9. Viscount is an automatic......cheers p
  10. My understanding.....water proof / resistant on the dial = Marlin Not on the dial = Mercury Cheers p
  11. I tried tracking him down some time ago with no success.....I had his email / address at one time but can not find....p
  12. Done,,,,,Cheers from Canada!!
  13. Since the majority of my collection is vintage Timex and HMT's which are not really water friendly I tend to keep them dry... Cheers p
  14. Me too...until I bought a few from C&B and now after cork they are my go to.....Cheers p
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