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  1. Hi I've just discovered the existence of tz uk! and thought I'd join in the normal way but the system won't let me, can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or is the site closed to new members? Cheers
  2. Yes, Brit comedians tend to get quite rude if one doesn't dig their jokes. And over there (in the crucible of the civilized world) what is your strongest score? Surely not grammar, maybe good manners? Can't remember when I posted a joke about mounties or maple syrup and for sure I won't post my passport photo, but there is a thread with members photos (including mine) so please feel free to take the p155 right back, muppet. :) Sorry old chap, as the man above said, I've already moved on. I think I found your passport photo though, is this it?
  3. but that makes you my DAD!!!!! :bb:
  4. Unfortunatley we can't open stuff like this in the UK, there is a trans-atlantic cartel operating between the TV networks to stop the great unwashed watching each others programmes before they sell them to each other accross the pond. In the same way you guys can't open our BBC iplayer site etc! We can see things on youtube though, do you have a link to that?
  5. Gentlemen!! thank you for your kind comments I am entirely at you service and for an encore, here are the new words to the national anthem. If you want a drink that's perfection indeed, I'll give you a guide to fulfilling your need, At home by your fireside, in club or in bar, The sign of good taste is the famous Blue Star! It's a strong beer it's a bottled beer, with the north's biggest sale... For complete satisfaction, Newcastle Brown Ale... NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE!!!!! (oh yes, and we also have to change the tune to Cushy Butterfield!!)
  6. Now I know why all the Brit comedians hate playing the Montreal comedy festival, because of tw@ts like you! Over here (in the crucible of the civilised world) you Canadians are only known for two things, good manners and complete blandness, it appears that you only score one out of two on that. Next time I see you posting a joke (about mounties or maple syrup or even better just your passport photo) remind me to take the p155 right back, muppet!
  7. non-geordies read at half speed Aa went to a fancy dress party in Whitley Bay once wi wor lass strapped to mi back wi nae claes on. The boonsa waadnt let uz in cos he said aa had nae costume on. Aa said waat du yee meen Aav cum as a tortoise. He said hows that lyke? Aa nodded towards wor lass on mi back an said "this is michelle!!!!!!!!!" __________________
  8. be quick item no. 160301908356 closing soon Thanks for the tip, I've just got back in I was biding on it since wednesday but it went to someone else unfortunatley!! any one on here called vintage-swatch?
  9. thanks everyone there are some interesting threads to follow up cheers
  10. I know that the Swatch have a eta movement and it's interesting to see the gruen, I hadn't seen the gruen before. they both have a novodiac shock absorber which is the cheaper relative of theb"proper" incabloc unit are there any other manufacturers out there that use higher grade " standard" movements (ie higher grade than the swatch unit)
  11. what is the cheapest way to get an eta 2824-2 movement inside a watch. (No I don't mean using a pair of tyre levers!!!!!)
  12. :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2: :
  13. shame the twqts will do you for that holder as well, there is just no sport left in the world!
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