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  1. Just finished (bullsh!t, still at it) celebrating my 59th. Really weird. I can't remember last week but thihgs that happened when I was five seem like yesterday. And for whatever reason those old memories keep popping up. Don't just remember the events, even how things smelled and tasted. Yeah, yeah, she was blonde, and it was a cup of honey. Dirty barstewards! Bryan Adams had a hit with "The summer of '69'" and for years that's been my theme tune. Finished school, first job, motorbike, girlfriend, getting served in the pub, you name it. Anybody else here have a track that they particularly relate to? (My other one is Kansas "Carry on my wayward son")
  2. Nothing as exciting as the Corvette or the Holden....but I have been after one of these for ages. Its a cabinet makers rebate plane about as old as me and in near perfect nick. Stanley do make a modern equivalent but the quality doesn't even come close. £35 at a local car boot. My collection: They all get used. So all in all I'm very happy with this one. When I was an apprentice my journeyman had one and I have never seen another of this vintage as complete and in this condition.
  3. Happy to oblige. 1970 Speedmaster Pro
  4. Wanted one of these ever since I can remember...well, for a long time anyway. National Geographic used to do full page ads & anyone who knows the magazine knows their photography is spot on, including the ads. Wish I could say the same about mine. Around 1963 I spotted the Omega Speedmaster for the first time in one of those ads. Instantly smitten. Soon forgotten. I was just a kid. I had dreams of being a jet pilot, engine driver, movie star, captain of the Springbok rugby team, you name it. Instead, along came national service, marriage, mortgage, kids, the whole kaboodle. The one thing national service gave me was a diving instructors certificate. This meant I could get a job in any diving school, anywhere. During the course of my travels I bought, when I was flush, & sold,when I was skint, two Rolly subs. 2nd hand those two. Good watches. One time we had a famous movie star scouting film locations staying at the hotel whose dive club I was working for. He did a novice dive & tried to convince the producer to include some underwater footage in the film. We were hired as "consultants". Never seen anything like it. $1000 bills were being thrown about like confetti. I watched the head honcho drop a hundred grand on my boss's desk. My cut worked out at $6,500. Straight into town & a Nikonos IV , new wet suit & bi-metal Rolex Sub later I was skint again. ( + monumental pi$$up) First dive everyone was nervous. "Gotta get it right guys". I entered the water with a $3,500 Rolex , 20 minutes later surfaced & it was gone. ?????? As far as I know people are still diving for that watch. So what has that got to do with the speedy? B*ggerall really. Rolex also advertised in National Geographic & maybe their ads were just that bit more glossy? Speedy. Like a lot of things I have wanted/lusted after it just didn't happen. Then, a year or so ago, a speedy was advertised on this very forum. As usual I didn't have the asking price. However, my missus offered to buy it for me. ******* result,or what! Now I know a lot of folk on here don't particularly rate the speedy. Fair enough. What I will say is this, I waited 45 years for this watch & you would have to offer me a hell of a lot of money to get me to part with it. Since owning it I haven't worn any other watch for more than a day. For years I flirted with other makes but none has given me the pleasure, that feeling of this is IT. This one is going in the box with me. I'm knocking on a bit so I don't see so well but I can read the time at a glance. I can time my boiled eggs or my glue going off to the second. Looks wise it's relatively subtle. It doesn't shout expensive or flash. My son in law regularly used to pawn his Brightbling chronomat with me. Bloody thing used to attract all the local "yoof" to the extent that I never walked home from the pub. This one? Subtle, classic, iconic, timeless. Absolutely love this watch.
  5. Not really. On the screen, if I say a line is 45 degrees, it is. When I go to cut it, especially after a night on the beer, it usually isn't. Always knew I should have chosen an easier way to make a living.
  6. BTW Happy birthday sport. :thumbup: 47? pah.... whippersnapper!
  7. William I reckon you'll have to go back to the thirties or forties to date that song. That's WW 2 music mate.
  8. It works. No timelag, nothing. On dual display it responded immediately ( so plug'n'play does work ). As soon as I selected the external monitor as the only display it changed to that screens optimum resolution (1920x1080) automatically. Chuffed to bits.
  9. I don't do a lot of 3d stuff. I'm hoping that for 2d it will suffice. Cheers.
  10. Nice one mate. I did think that the limitation on the external display in my case was down to that being the maximum the telly could handle. Also nice to know I'm not the only insomniac here. :thumbup:
  11. As part of my job (carpenter) I often have to produce quotes for clients which include drawings. At the moment I am using a 26" flat screen telly attached to my laptop. The problem I have is that the telly can only display a max resolution of 1366x768 which incidentally is the same as the laptop. My graphics chip enables the signal to be directed at both screens simultaneously, as shown, with the option of designating either as the primary display. There is also the option of disabling the laptop screen & using the external display only. Am I right in thinking that if I do this using a proper monitor that the chip will support whatever resolution the monitor is capable of? The graphics chipset is Mobile Intel ® GMA 4500M. Total graphics memory is 1759MB, dedicated graphics memory is 128MB. The telly is all very well but at that resolution a lot of the display area is lost because the toolbars are so damned big. Note the brightly lit area on all 4 sides of the drawing. The result is only marginally better than the laptop. Also the 710 would like the telly back in the front room, much better picture than on the one she has in there now. Would appreciate some knowledgable advice before I buy a big -24" plus- monitor & then find I can't get the most out of it. Thanks guys.
  12. Lumpy,,, or lumpy, or perhaps....... Lumpy?
  13. Absolute cracker. One of very few left on my must have list. :thumbup: Was outbid on a non issued Canadian SAR recently . I read somewhere that the chrystal on them things is 5mm thick (or maybe more, can't remember exactly) thats why the bezel is so deep.
  14. Nice one. Thanks. :thumbup: Got the VM up and running with both installed no probs. Having laid off the beer while I was doing it might have helped.
  15. Don't particularly want to dual boot at the moment. The virtual machines are just a way of trying other operating systems without altering my existing Windoows 7 setup. I have a program I want to run in a virtual environment. Big program, needs loads of memory. How much of the 4Gb that I have available can I allocate to the virtual machine? When I set up the virtual XP box I needed to install Windows 2000 first because my copy of XP is an upgrade version ie you need to have a previous version of windows installed already. So far no problems. I gave it 50Gb of disk space & 1.5Gb of RAM. Now the program I want to run requires that .NET 3.5 be installed & this is where I ran into trouble. It installed OK but after the installation the virtual screen began to flicker & it wouldn't accept any input. Calling up device manager showed that VMWare & another process were using 100% of the virtual CPU capacity. I deleted that virtual machine and have set up another. Question: Will .NET 3.5 and Direct X 9 work with XP or do I need to install Vista or Win7? This isn't a big deal. I just like fooling around with this stuff. I download and try out a lot of stuff and it bugs me when a lot of cr*p like toolbars in your browzer & so on get installed as well. So having a virtual machine where I can fiddle as much as I like without doing any damage to my real system has a certain appeal. Anyway thanks for the help so far.
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