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  1. My vintage Stargate from 1997 is a keeper!
  2. seiko 6309-729B DS3-Racing-5 Citroen Seiko 6309-729B orange dial by thianwong1, on Flickr
  3. Here is a link from Reto archive on changing that model battery. http://www.pmwf.com/Watches/Seiko/TiPerpCalBackOpen.htm
  4. I use a Bergeon fibre glass pen brush # 2834-C bought from a friend in Hong Kong selling them for under$25.00usd....he showed using it on his Omega clasp like yours....it does work! you can google JakeB and find his site...or if it is allowed here...see...D.O.T. WATCHWORKS
  5. Right, they were short run in 1986 and came after the quartz ladies caliber 2625 and 2A22 pro 200m versions. Targeted at boys/ladies sized wrists, the 6458s were nevertheless genuine quality divers.They came in dial colors of black, orange, white and a light blue, rated 150m. The 200m rated ones came with the same 6458 caliber and some even had the 7C43!
  6. Just won this one on the Japan auctions. Had one back in 2004 but flipped it...so now it again joins the other midsized Orient auto diver 1990s and Citizen NY2300 auto. High torque with anti-magnetic battery cover like the 7C43s.....
  7. love my pre-Bond quartz caliber 1441 rare...
  8. Here is a G not often seen...a Baby G Frogman! still is 45mm wide, and SS case, not titanium. Found it here in Japan in a used store and grabbed it! I have owned many vintage Froggies back in 2004 but never found the Baby G Frogman version...
  9. Just bought this NOS G from 1997 NOS Ltd....to celebrate the Triple Crown of Surfacing in Hawaii back then..
  10. I have several pre-Bond quartz models with a similar plate (anti-magnetic purpose, I think). Look at the edge of the plate at the 6 spot and you should see a small cutout, where the plate with a slight oval shape fits in it. The plate should be easy to flip out and replace orienting the plate to this small slot. The plate does not screw in, at least in my two watches.If you have a loupe handy, you can look for this cutout. The plate could be just tight from age, so try a pin to lodge it up and out....good luck!
  11. Beautiful Longines! Here is a Calvan from about 1948 with a Felsa movement...lots of wabi but a sentimental favorite in the collection. Found in an estate sale in Vancouver, Canada!
  12. I think you got a very good deal! I have two of those pre-bond quartz models, one is the rare champagne dial 1441 caliber and the other is the gen2 model 1438 caliber. The 2 toned ones are great buys, and yours with full 2 toned bracelet with clasp gold insert, gen1 crown, older caseback cover style could be a 1441 caliber (rated dual TC oscillators and spec-ed at +- 10secs/YEAR! but you will have to open up th caseback and check for the caliber on the movement. 70% condition likely refers to the fact the bezel lume pip is gone? and a few normal scratches... Papers? these most do not have papers from the late 80/90s..so not to worry. Japan Auction Omega site has many pre-bonds and all with no papers... Great bargain you got IMO! Looking at seller photo again, yours is the black dial version and from the position of the date window not touching the markers, this could be the men's full sized, whereas mine are midsized! good on you! rare to find the larger sized model!
  13. haha....Kitty icon is akin to Mickey or Minnie Mouse or Poo Bear icons....in Japan....
  14. such a beauty! all crystal and in such great condition! size? 33mm? a piece of history! Love it! will you wear it or just a collection piece?
  15. In Japan only and here is the company, if you care to order.. each is 1250yen, or a set of 5.... I use Google Translator to read the text haha! and get the Japanese wife to order them...heheh! http://www.cast-planning.com/tool.htm
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