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  1. They are perfect. A simple dial and hands with no date or other clutter. Pretty much what a dress watch should look like to me. Beautiful.
  2. 1 for me as well. They suit the watch and contrast well against the dial.
  3. It's nice, I like it a lot. Weird really because these day I usually feel so old and grumpy that I never seem to like anything :D
  4. I'm quite happy with the watches I have really. If I had to choose somebody elses collection it would have to be Toshi's. It could be expensive as I might need to have the house extended to accomodate them all.
  5. That one looks great Mac. Love the bezel and the dial font. The Transport is still my favourite of your Services though.
  6. New addition for me. I haven't bought a new watch in ages but i'm very pleased with this: Omega Seamaster 2264.50
  7. Wow! That's some impressive moving equipment. Love the garden at the new place. It must be very relaxing.
  8. I've just got back from a bit of diving whilst wearing my Suunto D4: But now i'm back at home it's back to the Speedmaster:
  9. Ooof! Nice, erm... watch :drool: That's great. Love it. I've got my Mark II Speedmaster on for the start of the holiday. 2 Weeks off for me. Woooooo! :clap:
  10. :wub: An amazing job. Well done. Not a watch for those who like to tell the time at night though :ph34r: :D
  11. That's excellent. I mean to pick up a waterproof housing for my camera at some point. I have a few dive trips to look forward to this year but as yet they are all in the cold gloomy UK waters. I'd like to make it abroad to some nice clear blue stuff like this.
  12. Nice one Roger. Congratulations Granddad :thumbsup:
  13. It's horrible when this happens. I've lost so many pets over the years and it never gets any easier. Sorry to hear about this.
  14. It's probably around as a torrent. I'll have a look later and see what turns up.
  15. This is the first i've heard about it :huh: I loved the books so i'll check this out. Cheers Mac.
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