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  1. I have seen the results on motorbike panels and it looked very good: at the time you could only produce a matt effect but I believe it is now possible to obtain a gloss finish. R
  2. And it's still looking good. ;-) Despite some rather rough handling... R
  3. ralphy


    I cannot abide the new version - and I've only heard criticism from other photographers who use PB - so I'll stay with the original for as long as I can! R
  4. ralphy


    This happens in Photobucket from time to time, give it a while and then re-try. R
  5. صابباخÛÙ„ خغاږ R
  6. Just for you, Gaz: This IS a bit tenuous... :D R
  7. Hi it says the equivalent of "Made in..." meaning the year of manufacture, but the actual year is missing, presumably it was meant to be added by hand. HTH R
  8. ralphy

    Boy Racers

    I don't drive modern or new cars unless they are given to me for nothing so I don't notice the difference :D To be fair older Golfs hold up reasonably well mine still feels nice and tight and drives straight as a die but that being said though you're right as I had a newish Golf TDI from work and it was like riding in a limo compared to this MK2 I've just picked up. I had this '95 MkII earlier this year and found it to be of excellent build quality and great fun to drive: much better than the XR3i. R
  9. I’d often look at my wrist when browsing the forum - to compare my DN-1 to the screen image! R
  10. Well, it took a bit of time for me to get used to the new software, but I’d have to agree it runs the better for it. (Miss the clock though :sleepy:) R
  11. ralphy

    Boy Racers

    I bought an XR3i Cabrio last year as a bit of nostalgia, but thb it was quite a revelation as to how poor they were when compared to the modern equivalents: rose-tinted specs on my part!!!
  12. ralphy

    Get Out Quick..

    A good example there of a self-fulfilling prophecy :rolleyes: & WTF does "someone who is high up in the chain dealing with it" mean? It means, some one high up in the legal dept dealing with the Finance etc Its all going No comment. R
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