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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Hello, been awhile since logging in. Must be more frequent. Hope you are all ok.

    Best regards, Ridley

  3. A CWC SBS watch currently on ebay appears to have spring bars fitted. It would appear that it is possible to remove fixed bars and replace with spring bars. Ridley
  4. Must say this set me off on a search. The amount of styles, types and the sheer volume of watches available for export from china is remarkable. Take a look at the 'sheng ming M8091' just like an Omega diver.
  5. The memsahib herself is at Twickers this afternoon with the young master. Couldn't go meself; busted acl. I was talking to a friend from France in the summer and he predicted the pumas to be in the world cup semis. They did beat France in Marseilles and today they outplayed England. England lacked flair, I shall await the family's return and hear first hand an analysis of it all. Meanwhile must watch the match from Lansdowne road on the Telly. Now there is a team to watch, possible quarter finalists? ttfn.
  6. JOT, the other day, in The Times, I read, that the Jag X type is listed as having the highest safety factor in its class. ESP, a turbo diesel, fwd, what more can you need? Safety, style and economy and obviously in brg! regards, Ridley
  7. Re Ricoh GR Digital - 35mm is wide angle. It isn't fixed focus, you can adjust with manual focus and combine that with the aperture which can go down from f2.4 to f9. Am I wrong in presuming that the majority of compact digital cameras all have wide angle lenses albeit zoom ones too? The website I mentioned before is www.flickr.com. The one posted earlier is spelled differently and doesn't do what I said it does. good luck..
  8. Hello, Do check out the Ricoh GR Digital. It's 8.13 megapixels, 35mm equivalent lense, can do text in HC b&w which is amazing. Extras - lens hood, adapter, case, strap etc all a bit pricey, an optical viewfinder is optional about £90. It's a very good camera. Many blogs and forums about this camera abound; there is a section in www.flikr.com which shows other punters pics using this kit. ttfn pip pip
  9. I voted PG at 7.5 inches. Thanks for your welcome, Baz too and apologies for the false lead on the Timex diver . . . I returned to look for it and couldn't find either it or the Invicta! Could be having looked at so many divers I started dreaming and imagining them! Cheerio
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