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  1. I have to agree with @Wrench that historically big Stihl and small Huskys were the 'norm'. Unlike Wrench I have never retailed them but I have been using them in my arborist life for the past 10 years. However I, like Wrench, have recently strayed away and I have bought Chinese. I now have several saws from Timberpro (with whom I have no affiliation whatsoever) http://www.timberpro-uk.com/timberpro-20-58cc-petrol-chainsaw/ They have a 2yrs rtb warranty, and frankly whilst being a bit on the heavy side, they are really very good. Spare chains I obtain via AliExpress @ £6.45 (this is a huge saving). I just got a little tired of ever increasing 'mainstream' chainsaw spares prices. It's almost like Rolex and Omega and then the 'others'. They all tell the time. Regards Brooksy
  2. Contrary to the comments posted by other members I do not recommend sending the watches back to Eddie at Timefactors. I too have bought new watches for my wife and I from Timefactors, and one of them failed a little outside the guarantee period. I contacted Eddie and he replied stating that he does not repair watches. I am not intimating that Eddie is a bad person, I am simply stating my experience of a Timefactors failure outside warranty
  3. Good result Thomas Nice feedback you left for him
  4. 2 ordered Roy Donation made Many thanks Brooksy
  5. Kev Retired 2 yrs ago and had similar worries, didn't want to live in the local library or Wetherspoons or the crown green bowling club so we decided on a complete change. Sold the house in the NW of England, bought a 20 acre farm in Wales that needed renovation. Everyday is a learning day and it has been hard work but has been for me and mine, rather than some halfwit boss or company. Grandchild comes and stays with us like a holiday rather than occasional visit Brooksy
  6. I'm not the seller and i've no idea who is. Here is the link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ROY-L-TAYLOR-RLT-53-MILITARY-WATCH-CALIFORNIA-DIAL-SWISS-MADE-RARE-/272440125818?hash=item3f6eb2697a:g:s34AAOSwYIxX~1-W
  7. Similar for me I pay the £1.99 monthly. No postage charges whatsoever. Never gone over the 50 page limit
  8. I found this link (hopefully mods will allow it as it is an expired auction item) It certainly is an unusual looking thing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unusual-Watch-Mens-Cool-Unique-KODO-Design-Futuristic-Storm-Trooper-Space-Style-/111102780526?nma=true&si=WSfFmLUO1XadkeqAu3TZy3gBf34%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. Also a happy Windows 10 user on a touchscreen 17" dell laptop, upgraded from 8.1 and never looked back.
  10. I am a proud owner of one of these. No2 which I obtained on this forum from Hotmog
  11. These watches were also branded as Ingersoll
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