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  1. I have to agree with @Wrench that historically big Stihl and small Huskys were the 'norm'. Unlike Wrench I have never retailed them but I have been using them in my arborist life for the past 10 years. However I, like Wrench, have recently strayed away and I have bought Chinese. I now have several saws from Timberpro (with whom I have no affiliation whatsoever) http://www.timberpro-uk.com/timberpro-20-58cc-petrol-chainsaw/ They have a 2yrs rtb warranty, and frankly whilst being a bit on the heavy side, they are really very good. Spare chains I obtain via AliExpress @ £6.45
  2. Contrary to the comments posted by other members I do not recommend sending the watches back to Eddie at Timefactors. I too have bought new watches for my wife and I from Timefactors, and one of them failed a little outside the guarantee period. I contacted Eddie and he replied stating that he does not repair watches. I am not intimating that Eddie is a bad person, I am simply stating my experience of a Timefactors failure outside warranty
  3. Good result Thomas Nice feedback you left for him
  4. 2 ordered Roy Donation made Many thanks Brooksy
  5. Kev Retired 2 yrs ago and had similar worries, didn't want to live in the local library or Wetherspoons or the crown green bowling club so we decided on a complete change. Sold the house in the NW of England, bought a 20 acre farm in Wales that needed renovation. Everyday is a learning day and it has been hard work but has been for me and mine, rather than some halfwit boss or company. Grandchild comes and stays with us like a holiday rather than occasional visit Brooksy
  6. I'm not the seller and i've no idea who is. Here is the link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ROY-L-TAYLOR-RLT-53-MILITARY-WATCH-CALIFORNIA-DIAL-SWISS-MADE-RARE-/272440125818?hash=item3f6eb2697a:g:s34AAOSwYIxX~1-W
  7. I found this link (hopefully mods will allow it as it is an expired auction item) It certainly is an unusual looking thing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unusual-Watch-Mens-Cool-Unique-KODO-Design-Futuristic-Storm-Trooper-Space-Style-/111102780526?nma=true&si=WSfFmLUO1XadkeqAu3TZy3gBf34%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. Also a happy Windows 10 user on a touchscreen 17" dell laptop, upgraded from 8.1 and never looked back.
  9. I am a proud owner of one of these. No2 which I obtained on this forum from Hotmog
  10. These watches were also branded as Ingersoll
  11. Yes please, if you don't mind Thank you
  12. Hello

    I sent you a PM and left a message on the sales post of the Megane. Would you please be so kind as to answer the PM? Thank you.



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