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  1. seems a bit pricey but I don't know the market really - the originals are the most sought after and are considered 'purer'
  2. I picked one up myself. as for cleaning watches, what wr rating would they have to be?
  3. This is my weekended/special - modded to about 280bhp
  4. something - simple - with "big date" - 100m wr (cos I swim) - sapphire - display back - ss or titanium - matt/brushed finish ticks my box
  5. mmm early morning blasts in the car before the police and day trippers come out - between Settle/Ribblehead and Hawes, and back to Bolton Abbey - maybe even work in Buttertubs - awesome.
  6. Is the new owner called Derren Brown?
  7. what charity? Campaign Against Hideous Timepieces
  8. Police - Massage in a Brothel A year has passed since I broke my nose (wrote my note) My 5 year old daughter kept asking for the Cardigan song in the car - turned out to be The tide is high - "I'm not the cardigan" (kind of girl) I found my son singing AC/DC's famous song - "Dirty Deeds and the Dunderchief" JLS's new song "Peter Kay" (beat again)
  9. Wishbone Ash (Andy Powell version) + The Hamsters on the 16th Oct. Both were really good. Walter Trout this coming weekend
  10. Rolex Bi metal Datejust with black face and fluted bezel
  11. out of interest how do you know its fake - got a piccy of a real one?
  12. I know what you mean with the owners thing. When i bought my Nissan 200 5 years ago the HPC said 6 owners, but the log book when it came thru had 9 owners on a car that was 8 years old. I thought I had bought a lemon - I've now owned it 5 years with no probs. I think the car changed hands several times in short succession, the guy I bought it off had swapped his S13 for my S14 cos the previous owner wanted an S13, he then decided he didn't like it and decided to go back to an S13 himself, so I boyught the S14 off him. Hence 3 owners in a 2 months
  13. update after one week of ownership - 15 secs slow in 7 days of intermittent wearing not bad eh
  14. one big difference is that the subdials on the Portugese are chrono subdials
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