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  1. Having just about recovered from finding the cost of watch servicing at Omega can anyone recommend a reliable mechanical watch reparer/servicer please. Also, now that Paul Wirdnam appears to be no longer available who is the go to person for Omega f300 work? Many thanks in anticipation
  2. Many thanks for the feedback so far, much appreciated. Further discussions reveal the watch is currently running well and that the inside of each cover is marked 18c. Any further info greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All, A friend of mine has requested further information regarding the value of this watch. It is a Waltham ladies Fob watch engraved inside with the following :- 1898, Ruby (grade), 15 jewels, hunter style, breguet spring balance Serial No 1480136 It has been in his fathers family for a long time but no-one knows any more than that. The serial number appears to date it from around 1904-05 apparently As can be seen the crystal is broken and has been removed since he took these snaps. Having trawled the internet and viewed "hundreds of Waltham Pocket Watches" he has yet to see one with such a finely decorated case and wonders if the stones may be valuable. The case is approx 30mm in diameter and 9mm thick. Any information on history and value would be much appreciated. :cheers: Many thanks
  4. Last Gasp bump to try to get some info - please can someone help ? :crybaby: :crybaby:
  5. I can't believe that no-one has this information :shocking:, :crybaby: It must exist surely - someone please help me resolve my dilemma :thumbup: Cheers
  6. Can anyone please provide a list of Omega watch serial numbers post 1998 which is where my current information ends. :wallbash: In particular I would like to date the 80xxxxxx series :unsure: Many thanks in advance of being deluged with information :cheers:
  7. I'm in Ripe ol Reading in Berkshire - but only temporarily you understand :derisive:
  8. I seem to be having trouble uploading so hope this works Last night when it started The morning after And again Back garden What do you think of it so far ? Rubbish! Lets hope it clears up soon :cheers: :cheers:
  9. I was a dab hand at geometry at school and have a career based on geometry, but I can't for the life of me identify the shape of that case. :dontgetit: Anyone? How about a quadrilateral, with curved sides ? :whistle:
  10. Here you go: p.s. do remember the prices that I quoted you are full bleeding retail, with after sale customer service, guaranteed, and the whole bit. Very nice indeed :man_in_love: thanks for sharing it.
  11. Thanks, those figures mean I am still "ahead of the game" pricewise - not that that was the reason for buying it in the first place of course. :hypocrite: Can we see a snap of your GE ?
  12. OK so I was a bit nervous but eventually the old 3ft crowbar did the trick :hammer: - it usually does
  13. Hi all and Happy New Year to everyone. Recently received this one back from Silver Hawk and whilst I am delighted with what Paul has done on this one :thumbup: it has proved to be a rather expensive purchase Purchased on the Bay as a non runner for repair it looked in reasonable nick cosmetically so I took a gamble on the repair side of things. It went for quite a bit more than I expected and it got caught by our friends at HMC&E :thumbsdown: So far so bad I sent it off to Brighton for an appraisal and got the bad news "Trip wires gone - sorry no replacements at present" Oh dear :shocking: Checked with Mr Rondeau same response but I bought his latest Ham Book which is great and some consolation. Further discussions with the Hawk resulted in swopping out the 500 movement for the more robust 505 plus a clean up and service. Managed to pick up a NOS strap which I don't particularly like but which suits the watch a treat and have resigned myself to the fact that this is one very nice watch which I've paid over the odds for :whistle: The case itself is in good condition, (Which is more than I can say for the curtains!) And the dial is as good as I thought it would be so no problems there. The replacement movement fits and works a treat and the actual timekeeping is first class - only a handful of seconds a day. So - lessons learnt ? I doubt it - but I think I'll steer clear of 500 movements in the future After all it's only money You can't take it with you, I have the watch to enjoy, It's only a watch after all, I'd rather have a new handbag, What's the point of life if you can't take the odd risk etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc !!!!!!!!! What the Hell I still love it :cheers: :thumbup:
  14. I really love that 69er :man_in_love: and am trying to find an SMP 300 myself - so if one day anyone is tempted to part with one just contact me - money could change hands ..................:whistle: :whistle:........................... In the meantime enjoy as I'm sure you will :cheers:
  15. Just to throw my two pennuth in what about the Canon 7D ? Not full frame but it's had great reviews and built in video and I for one will be searching the January Sales for one to take over from my 10D which has performed brilliantly from new :clap: I agree about the glass and owning several Canon Pro lenses think they have the edge over Nikon - just. Whatever you get remember :- Photography is like a sewer - what you get out of it depends upon what you put into it!! :groan: Enjoy whatever you buy :cheers:
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