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  1. I visited the Baselworld this tuesday, hoping that I can provide you guys with some interesting news Baselworld 2009 here an appetizer... Phil
  2. A Month ago I had the opportunity to get a second super-rare Luch 3045. When I have two identical pieces I sometimes dare to wear one of them :) It was on my wrist for approximately five days and was lying around for about another two weeks. In nearly three weeks I had only +1 Second. I never expected that elektromechanical watches work so precise For me this is still more a mechanical piece far away from a quartz watch, is there an expert who can give me a plausible explanation for such an amazing accuracy? Phil
  3. Hi These are nice watches and realy hard to find in original AND good condition. I am sorry to say that, but yours are reprinted. They are easy to recognise, because the A is a bit scratched off and there is HAMHR instead of KAMHR If you like them it's OK but as a collector I prefer them in Original condition without clerikal mistakes. Here are some other examples all with the same mistakes. Greetings Phil
  4. received this beautiful watch last week. It's the remake of the very rare Sputnik watch with the foil disk. Inside there is a modified 2614.02 for two second hands. I am not planing to wear this watch because for me it's a wonderful collectors piece. Phil
  5. Great !! Both are in original and perfect condition Hard to say which one I like more, both are awesome. Congratulation well-invested money. Phil
  6. My newest Vostok The rising Star Vostok with ЗАКАЗ МО СССР marking. Greetings Phil
  7. Hi This is an Ostwok watch. A swiss company tried to sell them in the nineties. Was not very successful. Greetings Phil
  8. A lot of black dialed sputniks are on the bay right now two allready where gone with buy now for a crazy price look close at this print... or this one.. This is not the way the soviets printed their dials An original should dial looks like this The outlines ar too sharp and the map is also different to the original. And none of them has the right case and hands together... Those re-dialers are getting better, but not good enough for us Greetigs Phil russiantimes
  9. Hi This is a relatively rare Vostok with a Vostok on the dial Here is mine: Greetings Phil Russiantimes
  10. Vostok-1 crewed by Lieutenant Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin on April 12, 1961 Launched at 6:07 AM Time to celebrate this event Phil Russiantimes
  11. My watchmaker in switzerland, expert for russian watches. Has no email, you have to contact him by phone. Phil
  12. Here is something that you might like Greetings Phil Russiantimes
  13. Thanks for the compliment, I am only a amateur My job is mechanical engineering. I made some homepages for friends etc. and i like to take pictures so I taught myself to do that. Greetings Phil
  14. Added to my site + some other news.. Greetings Phil Russiantimes
  15. On this model the beezel is not rotatable AFAIK Breitling has the patent for sliderule beezels... Phil
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