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  1. Much admiration for your skills here, it seems to going together really well.
  2. A touch of 'the king's clothes' here I think. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and fails to realise she's just average. The "never mind, I'll find another you" song was just a cockney fatty having a whinge about being dumped. Who on earth wants to listen to that.
  3. Adidas Samba's and Black Tower..........ok ok I'll own up...... :ph34r:
  4. What a lovely looking machine. Fantastic job Paul.
  5. Here's my CBF600 all ready to go....when it stops raining here in Manchester.
  6. Everyone replaces their PC or laptop sooner or later so it's not a great idea to store stuff on it IMO. An external harddrive can stay with you for keeps.
  7. Of course nobody has the right to tell anyone from anywhere who they can and can't support. It's just sad that so many people from outside Manchester have to prop their egos up from a large distance. If they grew a pair they would find a team closer to home wherever that is. I see the 5 times worse tackle on a City player a few nights later went completely unpunished. Ah yes, our wonderful FA, holding up a beacon of fairness for the world. The FA that went snivelling to FIFA trying to get Rooney's ban overturned for booting someone up the **** when he lost the ball.
  8. If that photograph had been taken any later he would have been taking his shower. Truth is the ref ruined the game with an appalling decision. I was about 30 feet away when it happened and nobody in the ground thought it was anything other than a good tackle including the little scouse snide who got into the refs ribs.
  9. Fantastic Paul. Enjoying this very much.
  10. Welcome to the forum Rafa.
  11. It looks really nice. It will also have enough to be 'competitive' on the road should you have any more 'moments' with the odd car driver. :wink2: I had a look at these when I returned to biking earlier this year. I ended up with a CBF 600 in the end, they are supposed to be quite tame too but it can certainly shift when you ask it to. Stay sticky side down mate.
  12. Got a problem here. It seems ImageShack has changed things around. Anyone know what to do to post up from them?
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