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  1. Wearing this old thing today. Early 70's Movado Datron with Zenith El Primero movement Cheers, Gary
  2. Enjoying the sunshine and my Movado Datron today : ) Got it back from a service last week and it's gone from being a basket case to now well within COSC standards. Amazing for a 44 year old watch really and goes to show what can be achieved with patience and an awful lot of skill. Anyhow I'm very happy. Cheers, Gary
  3. This arrived yesterday courtesy of wookie, so naturally I've been wearing it today. Had a lovely day out in Devon : ) Excuse the crap iphone snap. Cheers, Gary
  4. I prefer A*F Swiss rub off cleaning compound to Rodico. I find it less sticky and therefore leaves less smears on polished surfaces, hands etc. It does pick up oils from your fingers a lot quicker than Rodico though, so it needs replacing more often. However it's a lot cheaper that's hardly an issue. As others have said blue tac is far too sticky. Cheers, Gary
  5. Having a nice idle day in the garden, changed over to this too. Cheers, Gary
  6. I got old 'one eye' back from a service yesterday (the one on the right), so naturally I'm wearing it today :) Tissot Navigator with a Lemania cal.1343, from the early 70's Cheers, Gary
  7. A Speedsonic Saturday for me :) Cheers, Gary
  8. It compliments my horned headwear rather nicely I thought ;) Cheers, Gary
  9. Been enjoying my Speedsonic in the sunshine today :) Cheers, Gary P.S. Just noticed I haven't set the date for a while, d'oh!
  10. Experimenting with a leather nato on my Tudor Sub today. Cheers, Gary
  11. Wearing my Memomatic today. I like the decadence of wearing an alarm watch knowing full well I didn't have to get up early this morning : ) Cheers, Gary
  12. Enjoying a G&T and wearing my Speedsonic. Cheers, Gary
  13. Been wearing my old Movado Datron today. Cheers, Gary
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