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  1. A Beautiful iconic watch Martin,congratulations on a great purchase. Best Regards, Russ.
  2. Just a quick update and photo,have now received strap,very pleased with the result,very comfortable. Regards, Russ.
  3. I totally agree Anna,and still going strong after all these years,i love the type 1`s. A great addition to your collection. Best Regards, Russ.
  4. Many Thanks Martin,very interesting,and i couldnt agree more,a very underated Russian caliber,along with others. Best Regards, Russ.
  5. Many Thanks Xantiagib,yes,the bunds do look great,but unfortunately,i cant get on with them on my wrist,i have ordered a quality military leather type strap,off a company specialising in them,i have one already on a rare Russian Vinage diver.I will post up pictures when i receive it. Best Regards, Russ.
  6. mach,Martin,Dazzer, Alan. Thank you so much for your kind comments.I love these watches.i am wearing it now,ticks all of my boxes,nice size,easy to read and lots of history. I shall be putting it on an hand made leather Nato type strap,[probably sacriledge,but one of the best strap types,i have found for these watches,protects against moisture ingress through caseback]. Best Regards, Russ.
  7. Just received this Lovely original Sturmanskie,of a great seller from Uzbekistan,thank you Alexander.It is becoming increasingly hard to find these iconic watches,in this original and untouched condition. There are so many Frankens out there,i thought i would post an original. This one[unusually] still has its original lume,the dial has not been retouched and it still has its lovely blued hands.also, note the pillow crown. The movement has Geneva stripes,i have another earlier version that is plain,both are correct.The movement, manufacture numbe,r should have five figures,and the date of manufacture should be between 49/54.there should not be any figures on the ratchet wheel[clear] Being one my favourite Russian watch types,this particular one keeps stunning time. http://imageshack.us.../dscf1529e.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../dscf1527l.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../dscf15271.jpg/ I am sorry i cant seem to get rid of the adverts and just have plain photos,as per my blog. Regards, Russ.
  8. Thank You Anna, a beautiful Baltika. Best Regards, Russ.
  9. Some lovely watches on display. Today, i am wearing a Raketa Ultra thin Cal;2209 23 j,another vastly underated Russian watch. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Regards, Russ.
  10. What a lovely idea Martin,beautiful watch by the way. Today i am wearing a Vostok 22j Precision,still keeping perfect time. Best Regards, Russ. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. You certainly do have some rare watches. What a lovely Volna,as i am sure you are aware,it should have an early movement.I have been looking for that particular dial design,[sometimes refered to as the` military` version],to add to my others,for quite some time. There was a flurry of them several years ago,on e.bay,i missed out though,unfortunately. Congratulations, Not easy to find.
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