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  1. Looking at today’s birthday list it seems @Roy has added another year …best wishes
  2. Back to the shop and managers office …get the facts where the watch is… what was ordered, what were you expecting.?
  3. Has the information about the ceramic strap being necessary come via the jewellers or direct to you from Rado?. best get the info on it direct. has it gone to a Rado service centre in U.K. or Switzerland……Options again for direct contact .
  4. Pryngeps ecotronic auto quartz…..expertly fettled by @PC-Magician
  5. Sold for £72 …anybody on here?
  6. Had both brands and like you go +1 for the Ventus. Great comparison as well
  7. Momentum gmt alarm Oops just realised not reset the date.
  8. Just received 2 piece Lunar strap from Jamie….excellent value especially from the outlet section of the site. superb packaging and very decent price. And 10% off future purchases as well .
  9. Back up for sale on eBay ,original seller but .”due to time waster “ back up again.!! Last sale auction was £51.
  10. Just out of interest sold for £51 today. Seagull movement, and a two handed special Only one made apparently!
  11. Thank you for updating 5he connection and the missing ‘n’ the back case design is a true winner .
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