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  1. From the sublime ^ to the ridiculous. But a gift from a member of the York branch of RLT and worn with pride this morning even her ladyship commented on it ( though not printing what she said!)
  2. Did I read somewhere that the poppy appeal has just undergone a £100,000 rebranding ? rebranding a poppy?
  3. Yes ,but the guy who made it and the guy that’s wearing it both qualify!
  4. I’m on go slow but this Technos Hibeatron 36000 just jumped out of the cupboard to speed things up. not set the day date yet ,don’t want to stop the seconds smoooooothly sweeping
  5. All this talk about electricity and gas prices going up, does it apply to watches??
  6. The Russians are coming! Help me Mother! (even her ladyship notices this one)
  7. You forgot to include the ball!!
  8. Due south from Berwick on Tweed today
  9. 2 beauties there.excellent. Never quite worked out why the anchor “freewheels”? Always think a trick was missed by not having it driven with the seconds hand….bit complicated perhaps? Or even a driven anchor on a sub dial instead of the sweep ? mind,I don’t nt even know what the association is with the anchor? still.they are two glorious watches
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