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  1. Received this morning as a gift from @Davey P. Intriguing Starking Chinese auto in a full set. now friendly rivalry in RLT completions and draws reaches new heights when one winner sends his “nemesis “ one of the two prizes he won in @Graham60 draw so cheers Dave and big up for Graham for putting up the prizes. its a cracking bit of Chinese manufacture with an excellent display back. what a great forum
  2. @kevkojak no Kev...the white bought fully working from the bay......probably overpaid at 150 but it is a classy looker albeit with a short strap . the blue was cheaper at 95 but despite its colour ,for me it’s got a fussy dial
  3. Now that ups the game completely to s different level....micro rotor as well!
  4. Handsome......solid gold.? Like it a lot
  5. @Davey P ..many thanks,,,,suitable exchange on its way shortly.
  6. Somebody on here bought it...ah well fess up ....‘‘twas me makes an interesting pair sparked off by the forum
  7. Had a Vostok Europe Arktika, built like an ice breaker! Was advised the heavy duty original metal band was worth about £75 ,and company was losing money because of it...hence newer ones are sold on leather.
  8. Vestal metronomic......been the almost daily wearer for couple of weeks now.... need a new watch!
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