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  1. Those pesky Frenchies again ............double florins?????
  2. I would retain a leather strap, on maybe include the fabric as an extra. change the red automatic writing to white to match. fit a full red banded second hand? I suppose the echo/neutra has to stay.....would use either echo OR neutra. Price band?
  3. I thought long and hard about this...but......hit the button yesterday on a pre loved electric....not quite sure when it could arrive but will certainly be taking max precautions,
  4. bridgeman


    @Roger the Dodger....very impressed, well done. The Seiko ,imho, is too small to take the weave but I could see the second weave working well on a watch with 22+ lug width and the clasp looks ok to me. As you say interchange of strap looks to be a big issue. top marks for skill and effort
  5. bridgeman


    Had forgotten about those,thanks
  6. bridgeman


    Can these bracelets be made into watch straps? Probably need a big watch...the washer one could look impressive.
  7. All this blether because the sales section shut???
  8. R nine t in today’s sunshine
  9. Big 50 for us this summer......if we get through this current health mess up
  10. Bulova 24 hour extending tripod battery pendulum and working Gledhill-Brook time recorder clocking in clock....used for timing 710 housekeeping duties!
  11. bridgeman


    Empty packaging box arrived from France...£200 watch absent. Seller said packed,.....run around exactly same by ebay when I couldn’t send the watch back for a refund because never received it. Same response from 2 police stations..no form signed. eventually I turned to PayPal...signed an affidavit to say never received watch.....money refunded...simples. however...had done all checks for buying the seller and actually felt sorry for him...if he had offered partial refund to split the cost of the theft I probably would have accepted that..
  12. Just in this morning from the sales corner ,big thanks to Rob. photo shows swing lugs Vostok rubber ,beauty.
  13. Despite their quality always raises a chuckle with me TITONI
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