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  1. The Great Blue Seiko Dam and blast forgot to line up the bezel
  2. Cracked it......some of these movements came without the “excentric regulator” fitted into the hole and Lanco get a particular mention...thanks Ranfft ....my fault should have read a bit further on!
  3. This weeks new arrival.. Lanco .with 2481 movement now have a look where the advance retard pointer is ,,,there’s a hole to take a circular item.... Scott has one on his site with the same “missing?” Item . Ranfft shows it fitted ...what’s going on ,anybody know It’s the same movt as used in some omegas.
  4. New in Lanco with 2841 movement.
  5. OP......Now with paypal claims who looking in to it.....suspect they just ask ebay what went off ,,,,,,expected decision shortly
  6. No, specifically excludes such occurrences when you get into the detail
  7. That’s been the whole problem from the start Roger. Plus unable to leave the house for week because of hospital stuff means claim has run out of time as well, no excuses accepted!!
  8. OP....recap ...seiko THE GREAT BLUE ordered from France. Box arrived at local PO ,collected,opened at home NO WATCH inside. dIscussions with eBay net result zilch see today’s emails below.
  9. Good write up thank you. pleasing to see the smaller companies innovating in design.....doesn’t seem to be any northern watch fairs?
  10. Glad to know you still around Paul, missed you
  11. Poignant Tommy at Seaham....
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