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  1. Good looking watch , just wondering how loose is the inner bezel? Some compressors seem to have a mind of their own and move quite freely , have yet to find one where the position can be set and locked.
  2. New in ,not quite sure of the year ,probably early 90s and not seen one before Rotary business alarm .has seen life but interestingly the pusher at 2 alters the alarm between vibrate and electronic pings..confirmed with the adjacent dial indicator changing.
  3. Best wishes for speedy recovery....I bet the motorists are really missing you!
  4. Sorry,not a clue even though it’s still the Carlsberg of watches
  5. You probably have to manually wind on the day by altering the hands through the full 24 hours until it reaches the correct day,then set the date .,but take care to remember am / pm when you get to the correct day or you start again!
  6. For those little bits of plastic or paper with numbers and a bit of thread attached to new watches what are they called
  7. That is one beautiful ,special watch Priced at something near £6700. Excellent if cash was available. thanks for showing
  8. Not seen that model before... what size is it please? Very impressive indeed!
  9. Just in this week, Geckota P1 with ,glass back, auto ,screw down and sun ray black dial. Quite nice but not in love!
  10. Have you checked between the lugs? Sometimes the letter g with a number for the strength of the gold plating.
  11. Yes I think so, but had to pay you for it,didn’t win it in a competition
  12. Experience with 3 of them but only this one now which is becoming daily wearer..Quartz .GMT and alarm titanium.don’t think you will go wrong but make sure you buy at the right price. ! Value and quality too.
  13. Penzance to Portree ...that viva must have done some mileage. well done for saving them, back to the sixties.
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