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  1. Will need this if it keeps on raining like it’s doing today
  2. Great post thanks ...just bought my first Felca last week.
  3. Vintage theme continues this week with ANDORA 18 jewel German Uwersi movement
  4. Still this one ,that’s 3 days now and timekeeping excellent
  5. Yes indeed ,it is a beauty , thanks for passing it on
  6. Piece of chocolate cake for 7 year old ninja......accompanied by the Yorkshire war cry......OW MUCH????? When asked for £2,80!
  7. New in this week...Felca Skymaster manual wind ,,top condition
  8. Snap the Memovox, love mine but not a daily wearer !
  9. Nice and plain but name suggests DEFECTO to me...hope the warranty is good!
  10. Thank you for the attention @Roy my suggestion would be each item be given a 2 week listing then automatically drops out completely price or other alterations as now are marked with a red dot.
  11. I offered to buy a watch which had been bumped numerous times, no reply to pm and poster does not seem to have been on the forum for months! This section is seriously broken
  12. Excellent article, I have a few Technos in the cupboard, with a start name of Gunzinger seemed a tough watch to collect. one of the quartz series.
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