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  1. Pulsar with seiko 7t62.....if anything deserved a more respected maker this must be it,! But I like it
  2. Found it,,,,seems compatible with Citizen 0850 same movement
  3. Just arrived a dandy Festina solar alarm chronograph. But can’t find any instructions. It has a Miyota 0w50 movement. anybody help please ..photo to follow only number on back is 6530 or possibly 8530. Thanks for any help!
  4. Not actually wearing them , but did get out to have a look at it
  5. Welcome, some quality watches you mention but it’s what you like no matter what price. good to have another tyke on board, I’m from wath originally but now in York.
  6. Had an MZ 250 ‘Sport’ in 1971, huge bulbous tank, telescopic forks, but still 2 stroke mix and shake. 68 mph flat out 21 hp I think ,but the enclosed chain was a bonus.. never broke down.
  7. Yet another rescued from a dusty rusty grave.Well done. Soon be ‘time’ to hanging a sign over the door!
  8. Female spring bars? Not needed any of those for years,rare....nice watch as well
  9. None that I can see but pretty good on main hands and pip
  10. Where’s @Mechanical Alarm on this topic ,come to think not seen him on here lately, he had a fair few as the name suggests.
  11. You might just get one for 200 but probably 250 (used) if Carlsberg made watches this would be it...Citizen AV 2100...black white or gray.
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