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  1. One missing!!!!!............ But particularly like the Pulseometer.
  2. Like mine a lot has equivalent of 7t62 movement
  3. My Rav was “detailed “ this morning by the next door neighbours horse box....nice job done on it! Wing ,front end ,door and possibly bonnet out of alignment ,don’t you just love animals.
  4. Sadly no....already a waiting list!
  5. Yesterday’s capture from a certain member of the RLT York branch watch forum. owned it before and now back home...2824 and first edition hands so the first batch of this particular model.....wow
  6. Just had a look on @Silver Hawk Electric Watch website ,can’t match it to any movement photos....feel sure The Man will be along shortly
  7. New in today...Momentum (Canada) Square One ,quartz ,screw down 200 metres big date, . frankly amazed at the quality and finish for a small amount of money and it does relieve the frustration too!!!
  8. Seize the momentum..quartz ,sapphire,screw down.
  9. Bernhardt special for WUS F71 forum... but a bit in front of itself,
  10. Felsa 4004 does have quick set date ,9 - 3 should do it ,or 8-4. ..well at least mine does!
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