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  1. New in Momentum titanium alarm gmt quartz
  2. New in yesterday, would like to say direct from Canada but really like friend Jeremy , secondhand. Momentum titanium quartz alarm with independent settable gmt hand. Very pleased
  3. Check the vertex for hallmarks. Maybe on the lugs or the back or inside the back or on the case where the strap meets the case.although depending on the case it may not be possible to remove the back as it could be a ‘front loader’ so called because the glass has to be removed to get to the movement and see the inside of the case. watches given by employers for long service were often 9 carat gold! welcome to the forum by the way.
  4. Wow, that seems to have cleared that up in minutes! Many thanks for the info, can wear it with impunity now.
  5. Never read that bit!!!! Bought off a very well respected forum member some time ago...investigation started.
  6. From the depths of the cupboard.....one of @Roy finest , the mighty RLT 4 with 2824-2 number 31 from 50. (mint as a bear on a Polo)
  7. Annual wind and wear for Dads war watch Ogival Fisk
  8. Still with this weeks new in Bernie auto. Running +2 after 3 days...
  9. New arrival this week Bernhardt anchor 9015 movement and built like a brick outhouse
  10. CW bit too good for gardening so switched to this now on new lizard which was a tidge too fat ,
  11. Make sure you know someone who can fix it if develops faults!
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