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  1. Great watch and strap combo. Very nice indeed
  2. Just checking still alive as can’t get a Corvid test!
  3. Upgrade today for afternoon tea out.
  4. Sultana bird ..alias the swamp hen .....Portugal and other places
  5. Surely you must have looked at the classified section on here and read the rules for posting watch sales at the bottom of the section.?
  6. Steradent false teeth solution works wonders. Balance the watch head on two or three pencils over a small jug of warm water. Drop the tablets iOne is enough usually and watch it fizz up. leave say 3 minutes ,and lift out all the crud will be at the bottom of the jug but place Watch On kitchen roll and gently brush with toothbrush and clean water. Even more much comes off. Rinse and brush with clean water.
  7. Good balanced write up....back view of mechanism looks tasty
  8. Great watch but like Owen Farrell you might get a 5 week ban for a stiff arm like that.
  9. It’s a Bitsa with Felsa 4007 so should be old enough ...running -7 per day
  10. Not seen many or any of those about before.....excellent
  11. Courtesy of Scott at Birth Year Watches.....still bedding in a bit of 9 carat Excalibur with Tissot 2481 auto under the hood
  12. Only carry it when on motorbike ,still have that emergency only mind set . Can’t hear it Ring very well on full volume anyway.
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