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  1. Huge congratulations in these troubled times ...50 years is tremendous. Oh. And the watch is great too
  2. The £9.99 motorbike watch for this mornings excursion, do the batteries EVER need replacing
  3. Fascinating read ,I did not know about this watchmaker...thanks
  4. Still wearing the one that started the big discussion @Balaton1109 @spinynorman
  5. Welcome Back with one of my favourite watches
  6. Nice very nice ,not seen a Rotary 36000 before
  7. Just a pity it doesn’t have radio4
  8. Interesting that these are signed MATTHEY Doret whilst more common on watchbrands is MATHEY Tissot with the single T
  9. @Mart @krissy1301 check Electric Watches on the side bar here. Then movements .Then Junghans 600. Great pic.
  10. Yes that’s right. Pics on pm system will try to send This evening. ,let me know If it works
  11. Just back from the House of Pain and Correction after complete strip and rebuild by @PC-Magician. Junghans 600-12Datochron
  12. Arrived this afternoon...got my own Covid tester now!! Big up for @PC-Magician
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