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  1. it certainly was a great draw, @Teg62x,,runner up sends congratulations
  2. It would be rude not to wear the prize Russki
  3. Majestyk stands out well
  4. Great giveaway ,thank you, you might like this one
  5. Now fitted a mesh, looks good to me
  6. Hav to admit I was impressed when I handled one @PC-Magician that was on aftermarket mesh. arrived this morning ,and after wearing quartz for a week it’s a delight to see a sweeping seconds hand. photos very similar to @Karrusel but still sadly mine lost its “made in Germany” somewhere in transit!!!
  7. One good turn deserves another
  8. Love my Bernhardt ,suppose having said that I better find it!...special edition
  9. New in after wash and brush up really starting to like some quartz models.YM62-X224
  10. It’s HYDROMATIC It’s Ticin have been waiting for ever for someone to explain the inscription......F.I.A.P then BRUSCHI ENZO
  11. Yesterday’s arrival is keeping great time
  12. New in this week ,my hospital stay treat. Not quite original but a cracking movement 1955 at latest according to Ranfft.
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