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  1. 7t62 equivalents,cheap as chips although the top one sustained postal damage and it cost me a bun and cup of tea to get fixed!7t
  2. Aw come on gentlemen.....all I said was it looked a great colour combination.....@ry ry has promised me his and I be promised to wear it.....who is this Julian Clary you talk about?
  3. Almost the best watch on the planet! The separate alarm button on off at 8 is much better and clearer than many offerings. Alarm time can be set to the minute and it’s a big solid lump. The ones with the engraved rather than faintly stamped pro master detail n the back are my favourite. . £70 a snip ,lucky to get one under 150 on the bay. quite s bit of discussion on here about them ,probably under calibre 2100 mine sends its love
  4. I really think that looks a great combinatiom
  5. it certainly was a great draw, @Teg62x,,runner up sends congratulations
  6. It would be rude not to wear the prize Russki
  7. Majestyk stands out well
  8. Great giveaway ,thank you, you might like this one
  9. Now fitted a mesh, looks good to me
  10. Hav to admit I was impressed when I handled one @PC-Magician that was on aftermarket mesh. arrived this morning ,and after wearing quartz for a week it’s a delight to see a sweeping seconds hand. photos very similar to @Karrusel but still sadly mine lost its “made in Germany” somewhere in transit!!!
  11. One good turn deserves another
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