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  1. I must say I prefer your watches on exotic leathers ,seems to show them off much better! Still a great watch though.
  2. But what do these symbols mean? Do tell! Ah found it 14 ranks.
  3. Have followed your rebuilds over the years….well done for reaching MOT pass,looks good
  4. Honestly ..it does look a bit better in real life…..the Chenin des Tourelles is the street where Tissot started watchmaking.
  5. Just arrived from Costa del Tesco and @PC-Magician Rotary Super 25 2824-2 Hunter style caseback
  6. Daft question .but is the battery the right way round,,,,,does it need shorting out ? (granny sucking eggs I know )
  7. Arrived on time?? Lovely watch
  8. These were the ones sold off n the forum a few years ago I believe for the princely sum of £30….worth a fortune now! great catch , wish I had bought one (or more!)
  9. Northumberland May 2021 just with the iPhone and no fiddling.
  10. Tissot 2481 which is similar to an omega 1481 ,think that’s the right way round ,
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