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bridgeman's Feedback

  1. Tazmo61 left Positive feedback   

    A great pleasure to deal with , Chris . I highly recommend him .

    bridgeman was The Seller

  2. jmm1 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice dealing with Chris. Highly recommended.

    bridgeman was Trading

  3. Roger the Dodger left Positive feedback   

    Another great deal with Chris...a pleasure

    bridgeman was Trading

  4. Stuart2103 left Positive feedback   

    Top guy. Thanks for a great deal :)

    bridgeman was The Seller

  5. mcb2007 left Positive feedback   

    Another trouble free transaction with a true gent ,prompt payment and great comms.

    bridgeman was Trading

  6. futuristfan left Positive feedback   

    Superb transaction with Chris.

    bridgeman was Trading

  7. andyclient left Positive feedback   

    An absolute pleasure to do business with, many thanks

    bridgeman was Trading

  8. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer true to his word and a prompt payer 100% recommended.

    bridgeman was Trading

  9. luddite left Positive feedback   

    Good deal with Bridgeman even though I had to delay payment he sent the watch on trust. Thanks Chris

    bridgeman was The Seller

  10. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Thank you Chris

    bridgeman was Trading

  11. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Good coms and fast buyer. Another excellent watch and deal you got there. Enjoy!

    bridgeman was Trading

  12. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Perfect transaction from a real Gent, thank you.

    bridgeman was Trading

  13. SBryantgb left Positive feedback   

    Chris is a pleasure to deal with, thanks may and all the best

    bridgeman was Trading

  14. greasemonk left Positive feedback   

    lovely smooth and pleasant deal with Chris..

    bridgeman was Trading

  15. Roger the Dodger left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for a smooth as silk transaction, and thanks for being so patient due to my incapacity. Chris was great to deal with and the great communication we had was friendly and kept both informed. A great forum friend indeed!

    bridgeman was Trading

  16. Mr Levity left Positive feedback for a topic   

    SOLD: Citizen Cosmotron
    Nice chap to do business with. Cheers Chris.

    bridgeman was Trading

  17. Robden left Positive feedback   

    No fuss. No silly questions. As it should be. Nice one Chris.

    bridgeman was Trading

  18. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Just an everyday transaction for TWF.......Bl**dy EXCELLENT.

    bridgeman was Trading

  19. Krispy left Positive feedback   

    Great watch, great deal, great bloke!

    bridgeman was The Seller

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