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  1. Pleased to see something with a totally different movement. Must give mine a rotation or two.
  2. As with @Davey P my runner up pocket watch arrived this morning from @Bricey. big thanks for the prize and it’s good to know there are still folk about who are “Givers” rather than “Takers”
  3. yes ,£187 delivered on metal . Black version . Dealer filled in cards so legit. Enjoy
  4. Take it all back ….(not the watch) Just arrived Tissot Powermatic ,
  5. Better not …..Christmas present for ME!
  6. Well it would be just plain rude not to take that offer up. many thanks for the tip off and link.
  7. Riquartz early Hard metal case ( Rado style) 7 jewel 570001 stone dial with facet glass ….been wearing it all week but lazily not changed day/date
  8. Who was a lucky boy to get this ,stunner.
  9. What with Horace the Oris and now Basil the Zeno this pet names business is going too far. arrived yesterday courtesy of @JoT and the sales corner .2824 Zeno Sea Hunter .
  10. bridgeman


    From the album: Bridgeman3

  11. Number 2 deserves a prize….well done that man
  12. RLT 11 for sale on eBay…in USA…. Not mine ,,,,,,,just info …. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234262106165?hash=item368b1c1035:g:6x0AAOSw~rZhfHtS
  13. From the sublime ^ to the ridiculous. But a gift from a member of the York branch of RLT and worn with pride this morning even her ladyship commented on it ( though not printing what she said!)
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