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  1. Good luck with the op but forget the Coniston and go for the Morar…on offer too at the makers.
  2. And you sir are today’s horological champion. thank you for taking the time to reply. it does have the usual 2 rabbits ears affixed to the balance but no f/s or a/r direction indication…not that it matters much because on what has a supposedly recommended price in the high hundreds(not that anyone pays rrp) it does not have the usual indents to open the back..indeed it is alleged in reviews to have a flip off back..I assume to make it “waterproof”??????? Despite not having a screwdown crown. could make me think this one is made by a back street cobbler but wait….they are all made like this by the good Rotarians.
  3. Rotary Jura range always something to look at ”ride a painted pony let the spinning wheels turn”.. BUT spot the issue on the back pic..what’s missing?
  4. Noble offer Roy but would advise stepping back from it. Potentially you may become involved in “discussions” over quality and descriptions and maybe partial refunds as well.
  5. Excellent research and great information.incredibly well presented. Thank you.
  6. That looks a great job . My own experience was with MZ 150 and 250 mix it yourself in the petrol tank. what happened to all those 2 stroke “fire extinguishers “ on garage forecourts where you could preset the mix to dispense with your petrol.
  7. Momentum ,Says it all really, but a fairly rare beast in the wild.
  8. Garrard. jewellers to the crown? Has to be an auto kept running by all the waving.
  9. I have seen and handled this Exciton. It’s a fine watch albeit in traditional diver style..attention to detail with the dial ,crown and lugs is excellent. as always , taste ,especially in watches, Is down to the individual.
  10. Marloe Morar 1000 feet auto
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