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  1. Just wondering how many G shocks you have in total..must be fair sized collection?
  2. The only trouble is resetting the little blighters. But today’s wear is definitely going to be this solid lump of steel and quartz.
  3. Can’t really be doing with these quartz watches so bit of gold to brighten the morning
  4. Pulsar again. Must have not set date correctly
  5. Good show,good pics and clear explanations. Well done
  6. Up at 6am for hospital appt, all working to time the told had an infection so sent home.
  7. Found this one lurking at the back of the cupboard,nice and shiny on a wet morning
  8. Thank Horace the Oris deserves a turn today ,must be at least a month since last worn,probably two
  9. Not so inactive or indecisive when it comes to draws and raffles!
  10. This lovely beauty was liberated from the sales corner this week Pierce 9ct calibre103 1945?.the Edinburgh hallmark year stamp bit indistinct. Runs to within few seconds a day..delighted to have it @jmm1 .
  11. Liverpool over 65s get not only free bus travel but also train travel to my knowledge from Chester to morecombe at least
  12. For certain Technos had the hardened cases which they called Borazon and there was a distinct similarity with the Rado style...but have never seen a dual branded Technos.
  13. Ticin were closely associated with Rado at one stage with I think putting Ticin on Rado designs or maybe also acting as Rado distributors?
  14. Thank you very much indeed for the information on F I AP ......I have tried many times to find this out. I can see you will be a credit to the forum even bigger welcome to you!
  15. Yes solid back with an engraving of a shark/dolphin..your black has a ribbed inner 5 minute circular track ,mine is plain. the display back is superb.
  16. bridgemans is the 2824-2, I supplied it. yer man usually knows....the back on your black one is different.i think yours is more dressy or all occasions whilst the white is a pure stand out would certainly make a nice pair
  17. Nice but the hands are too similar for my eyesight
  18. Ah at last an Italian member. please can you help with the writing on the back case of this Ticin, I think it is some kind of political party but just cannot prove it,local knowledge might help.! LA F I A P seems to be the key to it. thank you ,chrisChris
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