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  1. I wouldn't pay that for that!! Its too old and theres no prestige. You can grab a nice rolex for that cash :drool:
  2. Thanks for the help Pg tips :wink2: I'll keep a eye on it, hopefully give me a good idea. I can't really understand your problem Potz?? I haven't posted this topic for a fight or to 'troll' I'm a new member just wanting a little bit of help?? I'm sorry if my posts are not as eloquent or fervent as you would prefer, I am still learning about watches but I'm very keen and always trying to learn more. I apologise if I have offended anyone with my post/ question etc + will try and be more thoughtful in future.
  3. WOOAH Hold on a minute there "mate" I haven't come on here 'JUST TO SELL' I have made many posts already if you took the time to check??? And secondly, I have been to a jewelers and they said they don't have a price list on the titanium SNL007 just the plain steel version and they weren't sure either. I grabbed the picture from a US web site and can't judge how much it is worth in UK pounds with the dodgy exchange rate at the moment. Why so much hostility??? :lamo:
  4. Please help me find a price for my watch :huh: I won it in our club raffle but I don't really go for this kind of watch :eek: Seiko Titanium Arctura Kinetic Chronograph Watch, (100 Metres water resistant.) WATCH SPEC:- Cal. 7L22 kinetic rechargeable Japanese quartz analogue movement Functions: Date calendar Window display Stopwatch measures up to 45 minutes in 1/5 second increments Solid Titanium case and band Flat profile sapphire crystal Black dial LumiBrite radiation-free luminous filled, red varnished hands Solid Titanium screw-down style case back Tri-fold, sport-style
  5. My one has quite a bit of give in it and its quite new?? :rltb:
  6. It looks a bit scratched on the top. Can it be cleaned?
  7. Looks like a good night in.......... :lol:
  8. Am I a member or a ** member ** :huh:
  9. So I've discovered in the last few minutes. :lol: :sleep1:
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