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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. My Breitling Colt is on the wrist this Friday - haven't worn it for quite some time :)
  3. I'd try to go for a Citizen, or perhaps a Timex. Seiko's are good, but my last few ( new ) Seiko's hasn't been of that great quality ( the crown actually fell off a new Seiko 5 WR100! ) - seems Citizen is a better choice, imho. You could get a very nice looking Timex Chrono Alarm, new for about £50-60, maybe even less. Good build quality, good warranty and lots of features for your money. Good luck :)
  4. Haven't been here in ages - too busy with everything else... Been wearing a Timex Mercury today. I like the markers on this one :)
  5. Nice find! I think it has the "21" movement ( the balance "screw" is on the dial side ) and therefore might be a bit older than 1958. My best bet would be 1954-55. Are there any numbers on the caseback?
  6. It's a safe bet - you can't go worng with that watch. It's cheap, it's solid and it looks good! There are several different models of the Timex Chrono. The one you have pictured belongs to the Timex "T-Series" ( you'll notice the little "T" on the small end of the seconds hand :) ). I have several of these and I haven't had any issues with them so far. Here's a pic of a slightly different model ( Expedition ) - not by far as good looking as the one you're looking at but has the added feature of an alarm. Like someone said here: get them both and treat yourself!
  7. Only ONE Timex so far...? What have you guys been smokin'...? Here's an American Legend - 50's Marlin :) ...and this one has "MADE IN U.S.A." on the dial :)
  8. Thanks, it is rather nice, pretty chuffed actually. I'm wearing it right now, it's really quite comfortable. I think I did ok with this one, it only cost me £1.99 plus postage. :D VERY NICE! Do we see a Timex collector in the making? :D
  9. Yes - Bill is right. I did not read your reply good enough...! If the day and date flicks over when you turn the hands foreward then there's no problem. :)
  10. Do I need to take the movement out to get to this number, I certainly can't see anything through the crystal, unfortuantley I don't have any tools with me to remove the movement, not really sure why I had a case knife with me at work to be honest!!!! One other question, should I try to clean the movement at all, if so how do I go about doing this. Yes - you need to remove the movement in order to see the number ( sorry about that ). I happen to have one just like it ( go figure... :D ) and it reads: 2876910679. This means your watch is model no. 28769, has a 106 movement and was made in 1979. It probably also says "Dial England" as well :) Here's how you go about the procedure. You need to remove the movement from the case first though: you'll notice a small screw and a lever holding the stem in place. Simply unscrew it a couple of turns and pull the stem out, and the movement will come out easily :) Look at the mentioned springs ( detent day and date spring ) and see if one of them might be broken or misaligned. Let me know if this works for you. If not I'll be more than happy to fix it for you, or maybe someone in the UK will help you out ( I'm situated in Norway ). Hope this helps :) BTW: if the watch is running ok and keeping decent time there's no need to clean/oil the movement - these Timex movements are superbly solid and strong and will run for decades ( YES - they will! ) without any major concerns.
  11. At the bottom of the dial there should be a catalog number. Would you mind checking it and let me know what it says? That will tell us the movement number and the year. I haven't got time right this minute but I'll check tonight and let you know :) ( busy as h*** over here ).
  12. There's no cure Mel. Trust me; once it's in your blood ( or on your wrist ) it's here to stay :D Btw: you can still get a watch for £12.70... :clap:
  13. NEAT! Never seen one like that before - well done! :)
  14. Electric/Electronic? Is it at all a WATCH??? :bb:
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