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  1. Another J Springs today Quartz this time.
  2. Seems quiet on here old photo but changed to Kelton now I've done in the garden.
  3. Sanyo Solar today, dosen't hold charge all that well now but still keeps good time when charged.
  4. Been on Southampton to Dubai cruise in January, Mallorca for a couple of weeks in March and a couple of weeks in Portugal in June. Off to Barbados in September for a couple of weeks then a month in Spain December & January. Then we start again. Kev
  5. Back Garden Yesterday
  6. KevG

    Birds and Bugs

    Feeding Tilme a load of Tits
  7. Not been around for a while, hopefully the comeback starts here. Fossil today
  8. Sunrise over Palma Nova Moto E2
  9. KevG

    Song Titles Game

    Strange Days.......The Doors
  10. Been wearing an old Russian beater most of the day in the garden, changed to Westclox to keep to the pre 80's
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