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  1. Mine has an AS movement also, think you may find they are 60's vintage though not 50's Kev
  2. KevG


    This years Glads still coming through
  3. Caught on the door frame Red Underwing moth. not that common this far north
  4. KevG

    Moon pictures

    thanks got it as wallpaper .. was just fooling about in gimp to get the shot
  5. Caught this fella having a break this morning, not my best shot was about 12 feet up
  6. KevG

    Moon pictures

    A few of mine
  7. Movement is Raketa, I originally bought it for the movement but it was too nice to break.
  8. Old Sekonda today, nice plain face
  9. Got this hover fly this morning seem to be quite a few around this year
  10. Thanks Roger, had a very vague idea of what happened. Didn't know it was only one lucky buggerthat managed to mate
  11. so I guessed right They were really going at it.
  12. Help with this caught yesterday I think it's a queen with a couple of drones but not sure any other guesses they all flew off as a lump.
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