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  2. Oh-me-ga All 3 syllables are short, the 'Oh' has the emphasis Did Greek at school, and maths/sciences to PhD level - never heard anyone use any other pronunciation, until I heard it in films and in shops.
  3. Oooh, and my Seamaster GMT (I won on ebay on Saturday afternoon) should arrive today - I wonder whether the discontinuation of the GMT will slowly increase its value? I'd like to think so, but it seems Omega resale values are very poor compared to Rolex. Maybe in 30 years time... Which GMT did you get? The white faced one was discontinued about 18-24 months ago, the black one is on the way out, only the blue one [with the Co-Axial movement] is likely to survive, I beleiver. My black faced GMT is my favourite watch and as near a "keeper" as I'll get - the combination of useful complication, dial and hand styling, and no He valve make for a brilliant package.
  4. from the other side As a TZ-UK poster more than an RLT one, I do think the above comment is a bit rich - why bother visiting a forum if you don't like it?! oops - just realised this could be taken 2 ways - I mean the "nothing like as friendly post" - OK, you prefer TZ, no need to trash RLT though
  5. If you know it's real and just want to change the dial colour, I think the policy depends on country - some allow this free in the first 30 days after purchase, some charge [and keep the original dial]. If there are dial options that are only available for a particular model - eg glaciar blue dial is only on the platinum DD, not the gold ones - then you're out of luck unless you go grey market.
  6. Thanks for that guys. I wanted to know the difference between the Big Blue and the one Jon lists here: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?s...22&hl=omega So it's case shape, minute hand and additional diver bezel - is that all? Are the movements the same - both cal 1040 I think? Must say I like the Big Blue - chunky chron + diver bezel - but for a daily wearer, something like the Sinn Arktis would be better. EDit; D'oh - realise Jon had the SM120c model number in the post all the time!!
  7. Please would someone post a pic, or point me out, of an Omega Big Blue - I've heard hte term a number of times but don't know what one looks like!
  8. A poster on another site has taken his Breitling B-1 - non screw down crown and basic pushers - diving, with no ill effect. That impressed me.
  9. Thanks for that, Potz, interesting read.
  10. FWIW, the Sub-Date LV never had drilled lugs [i was asking about this on another forum]. Hope the sale works out OK for you.
  11. A poster on "the other forum" has said PloProfs are going for £10k-£12k :*****: [the shop, not the poster!]
  12. The lightning bolt on the original was much finer [and steel, I think] - the modern one looks too chunky and, well, Fisher Price. Seen one advertised on another Forum for £3995! Makes the iPhone look like a steal....
  13. The Doxa would be the first with the helium release valve, I think. I'm sure I read that the Cartier Santos could be considered the first pilot watch, as it was made for a pilot.
  14. Looks lovely, Jon, well worth hunting out a good one. Enjoy it.
  15. My housemate was charged about £70 for similar back in about 2003 for his TAG-Heuer, so I think the Breitling charge is reasonable for a factory price. If it were me, I'd pay it as a battery lasts 3-4 years? Less than £15 a year seems OK to me.
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