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  1. a very rare outing for 2264.50 , i think i have worn it 2 or 3 times in 8 years
  2. SMPs on straps,what ever next .............eeeeerm actually now you come to mention it .............
  3. beauty is indeed a very subjective thing. I have owned many divers sports and chronos from many different well known Swiss brands .I still have Omega,Breitling and Longines but the only watch i have that i can honestly say is simply attractive is this Smiths (my wife says it is attractive and she is always right about everything)
  4. important appointment this morning so was wearing this
  5. Yes and errrr no.In 1993 i was about to go back to Goldsmiths to buy the Rolex Submariner i had looked at and tried earlier that morning(yes can you imagine that NOW-Rolex sports models in stock and in the window!!!;but then i saw and tried a Breitling Shark in another jewellers.At the time i thought the Breitling was better than the Rolex in every way and it was considerably cheaper. I bought the Breitling. I have never come that close to buying or affording a Rolex since. A few years later a Rolex Submariner came up for sale on this very Forum.I could not afford to buy it but i actively encouraged a very good friend and fellow collector to buy it though.He did and he still has that Rolex sub today!!
  6. this is the only one of mine that has a display back
  7. Hey Mach you have a PRS36 too. Well done that man.
  8. Fantastic!! I love the Longines Spirit. Your white dial version is a rare site these days . I wish Longines still made them . Here is my black dial Spirit chrono
  9. Great to see this lovely watch again.I am wearing a light dialed Breitling too
  10. WOW. Best wishes for your 60th birthday . Welcome to the club;sixties are the new fifties ! You have very discerning taste . The Duke of Windsor Edward the VIII wore a Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso and he is generally regarded as one of the most dapper men in history.
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