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  1. lovely day here.... Have a great weekend everybody cheers b
  2. very cool......I think I prefer the samurai ....... cheers b
  3. I do prefer the 'solid hand' ones much more I must confess, no disrespect intended. cheers b
  4. Perhaps my favourite watch of all, a Seiko 007 mod, love it cheers and have a good weekend b
  5. Friday, The Rolling Stones and a new (cheapy) watch. What more could a boy want OK its only a Fossil but its' sub £50 with a 2yr warranty, quite a nice bit of leather and I didn't have a square/whiteish face watch so ...... Have a good weekend cheers B
  6. Not sure I really want sell perhaps. There again if I could get a reasonable prices across a counter that would save time and effort! cheers b
  7. I had thought that in recent years the balance had swung in favour of the buyer in claiming against the seller? Bit out of touch really.......Thx for the advice though, I will go and revisit my options. cheers b
  8. There are some nice variations, however I am after the basic 'Pro' moonwatch, a classic cheers b I started by considering a GMT II until i saw the prices........ cheers b I do have the receipt but I am not an ebay guy, too iffy for me cheers b
  9. I have a 2003 Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50, when I bought it I thought the 42mm of the pro was just too big. How things change eh, now feel the 39mm is a bit too small. Can't decide if it would be a bit of a waste having two speedies in the box! cheers b
  10. Thinking of trading my Speedmaster Auto for a Pro. Couple of questions, if you have recently purchased one. What, if any discount could you reasonably expect from an AD on a rrp of £3500? Also have you ever done a part exchange in store, do you get truly shafted on price, my guess is yes, lol? cheers b
  11. Interesting article, especially if you've heard of the band Anthrax... Cheers b Oh and BTW he sells benches as well, watchmaker ones
  12. I used to have this exact model, picked it up in Singapore. Swapped a 2yrs ago for a 009 which I had modded into a Black Bay homage. A hefty chunk of watch that I enjoyed cheers b
  13. A brief visit after work to a local outlet site has ended in two cheapie being acquired :). One for me and a white one for the 710 £80 all in with two years warranty including the batteries, yes they're not auto's....... but mine does have quite a nice leather strap.....Both still have the protective films on the glass and the subs on the white watch a dummies .... cheers and have a good weekend b
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