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  1. Perhaps because it is the last one in, I don't know, but can't take this one off my wrist I just love it
  2. Just seen an ad for a Tissot 1973 Chronograph, lovely looking watch and on of the nicest retro issues I've seen. However I was surprised at the pricing, I was expecting somewhere round the £500 mark, am I missing something or are prices going off the scale.....? cheers b
  3. Taken a couple of days ago, wish I was back there...(skx007 mod) cheers b
  4. Back on the wrist, fresh from the post today, an old unworn SKX007 which has had a face lift courtesy of Dagaz and thewatchbloke cheers b
  5. I seen a post on another forum of them allegedly doing exactly what I wanted done for someone else which is why I checked them out. Would never consider them for servicing. Which makes me think how can they even advertise servicing if they don't guarantee basic mods! cheers b
  6. Saw an ad for a local jeweller regarding watch servicing done in store by their own watchmaker etc, so having need of some basic mods done to SKX007 I thought I would enquire within as to an estimate with me suppling the parts. So I was a little disappointed when they turned round and told me they would be unable to undertake the work as they would not be able to guarantee their work and they normally send Seiko stuff back to Seiko anyway! hmmmm cheers b
  7. lovely day here.... Have a great weekend everybody cheers b
  8. very cool......I think I prefer the samurai ....... cheers b
  9. I do prefer the 'solid hand' ones much more I must confess, no disrespect intended. cheers b
  10. Perhaps my favourite watch of all, a Seiko 007 mod, love it cheers and have a good weekend b
  11. Friday, The Rolling Stones and a new (cheapy) watch. What more could a boy want OK its only a Fossil but its' sub £50 with a 2yr warranty, quite a nice bit of leather and I didn't have a square/whiteish face watch so ...... Have a good weekend cheers B
  12. Not sure I really want sell perhaps. There again if I could get a reasonable prices across a counter that would save time and effort! cheers b
  13. I had thought that in recent years the balance had swung in favour of the buyer in claiming against the seller? Bit out of touch really.......Thx for the advice though, I will go and revisit my options. cheers b
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