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  1. Hi Bill, there's a guy on the T-Z UK forum with a WTB for a one handed watch. I've replied mentioning yours and suggesting I could ask you for your contact details if he's interested but not a member. If the watch is still available I'll happily forward your email to him via PM if you like.



    ps  Seems we share part of a signature :-)

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    2. grey


      Hi Huw, Don't know if you visit T-Z UK at all but there is an entertaining  'Draft' thread where people put on all those responses they decided not to make directly to posts.

      At 8.20am I placed this:

      Well I see you've followed up one of the leads we gave you on your WTB. But have you thanked (or even thanks but no thanks) either of us?

      Of course not, you ignorant little ********.

      At 8.45am this appeared on the original WTB:

      Thanks Guys..

      The Meistersinger looks nice, but alas has sold already.
      The RLT looks a little odd with a second hand..

      Keep the alternatives coming.

      Oh the power of free speech.

      Kind regards



    3. bill love

      bill love

      Im not on T-ZUK perhaps I should pop in.

      thx again for the ad



    4. grey


      T-Z was nearly sold last week, but thankfully not. There are no moderators except the owner, so that you can use words like ars*hole without getting automatically censored, I spent lost of my time on RLT but it got terribly quiet a year or two ago and now T-Z is my first port. There is a 'Bear Pit' which can go from very funny to personal vendetta in no time, but the members quickly learn who the trolls etc are and put them on 'ignore'. Well worth a look. :-)


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