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  1. I wouldn't buy one but I do like it if that makes sense
  2. Love those two I have a real weakness for orange Seikos but sadly I haven't got one at present
  3. I bought a G-Shock with a negative display as I thought it looked great but I sold it very quickly as it is really hard to read in fact it did surprise me how hard to read it was.
  4. Hi Andy That is a stunner I saw it on SC TZUK but didn't have spare funds give me a shout if you decide to move it on :) Andy
  5. Thanks wookie that's the one I was looking at, so they were French :)
  6. Wow well done I didn't find a single thing :) I just wish I could find out about their vintage chronos!
  7. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone had any links or information on a vintage Splendid chronograph? i think they were made in the 70s I have chance to buy one but i always like to see images of the same watch and find out about them, or anyone have any links to vintage diver images? Thanks Andy
  8. I forgot to say Jon before me it has only had one other owner from new! Andy
  9. Hey Jon, That looks great I knew you would like it, I forgot to say it was made in December 1974 and the watch is in totally original condition that includes all the lume dial/hands/bezel etc the only thing replaced is the crystal. I am missing it but I know it's gone to a great home. Enjoy it Jon Andy
  10. Hi Draygo, You can't use Pm so e mail me as i have one in the same condition andy.armitage@zen.co.uk
  11. Thanks Guys I might take it to a beauty/hair salon that does nails as they have these lamps to cure the nail cement i think.
  12. Hi guys, Can you help me I have a watch that needs a crystal and the crystal is stuck in with UV curing cement, what is the best way to get it to set is it a UV curing lamp? or just leave it on the window ledge hoping for sunshine! If it's a lamp i don't want to spend much so which is the cheapest way of doing this? many thanks Andy
  13. Hi Chris i have sent you a PM let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks Andy
  14. Hi guys, Anybody got one of the case back gaskets for a seiko 6138-3002 or know where I can get one, cousins don't have them so I don't know where to look without going abroad. thanks Andy
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