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  1. Both are quality pieces from respected brands, but have you considered depreciation? I stand to be corrected here but I rather think that if you should ever want to flip or trade the watch then the Tudor would lose less of its value than the Ball. Rob
  2. Don't worry - I'm sure he will be very pleased with it - I would be! Rob
  3. I rather suspect that it will be England. Unfortunately.....
  4. I've always had trouble with the winder/crown/thread on cheap watches. One Elysee, one Parnis, one Alpha and a couple of no-names all sit in the box with the same sort of issue. Rob
  5. Welcome to our world! That's pretty much how most of us got hooked I would imagine, and there's no need to spend thousands to compile an interesting collection, as you have shown here. That's quite a varied selection you've got there - I particularly like the Christopher Ward that is similar to one of the Tudors and the watch to the left of the Alpha 'planet ocean'. An Orient, perhaps? Rob
  6. Hi Karl. You'll spot a lot of familiar names. In truth things are not too different here but there are far fewer self-appointed moderators and a lot less vitriol. Which IMHO is a good thing. Rob
  7. Ah, Robti. You can consider yourself a proud member of the 8 inch club. This is considered XL or even XXL by watch strap manufacturers who often charge more for the bigger sizes. This is bad enough but even worse is the bracelet situation.... very often bracelets are resized down to 6.5 or 7 inches and the links go astray, or sometimes Japanese watches seem to braceleted for the much smaller Oriental wrists. You buy or trade in the watch and can find that you need 2 or 3 links to get it to fit. And then you find that these links are either unavailable or only available at a stupid, stupid
  8. Here's my latest bike, which I bought about a year ago. The colour looks a bit 'washed out' in the picture - it's really much brighter. Despite Honda's legendary quality I've had a couple of issues. Firstly the famous Blackbird earth problems..... solved after much swearing and most recently the famous Blackbird oil cooler pipe problems...... solved after £360 worth of fitting and helicoiling work in the local bike shop.... However it's a fifteen year old bike so I should be grateful that the problems aren't too bad. In truth the damn thing frightens m
  9. Not truly the worst, but the most disappointing was the elderly Rolex Airking. This was my first ever Rolex and I naively expected something far better. The bracelet was absolute rubbish - the oyster bracelet on my Seiko 5 was better, Whilst it kept reasonable time (not COSC, but acceptable) and could no doubt have been bettered by a service I just wasn't impressed with the watch as a whole and quickly moved it on. I guess I'm the only person on the site who's lost money on a used Rolex!! Rob
  10. If you're picky you might find that plastic tubs and the like can make the light balance a little bit blue - easily corrected in PS or LR it's true, but not everyone has that level of software. However if you're not too picky then no problem. Rob
  11. Here's my recent acquisition 2001 Triumph Adventurer. Not the fastest, newest or shiniest but very comfortable to ride Rob
  12. Hmm.. A little unfair on Argos who sell some Citizen and Seiko models.
  13. People always say 'buy the seller' when buying on Ebay, and it's difficult to argue with that. Ebay shops have a lot to lose and i buy lots of items (although never any watches) quite freely. But, as always when you are going to spend serious dosh, do your research. It can't take more than 10 or 15 minutes to track down all the major suppliers of the item you want and compare prices. Rob
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