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  1. Thanks, I built it to sell, but it's absolutely great fun so aim to keep it and gradually hype up the engine. Here's a cool day, windswept ride on it:
  2. Started life as a tired old enduro.. 650 Street Tracker – the ‘Mesquito’ ’93 Honda NX650 Dominator with new rear frame, slim tank and stitched leather seat. Tank design is unique and covered with fuel proof lacquer. Sat on Grimeca wheels with wide sticky tyres, bespoke stainless discs, braided lines and alloy yokes and refurbished, shaved forks. Internally wired bars with Karate grips 7” headlight, GPS speedo and own design LED tail-light Stainless pipes and silencers[!?], foam air filter in drilled alloy housing. Alloy pegs, all stainless fasteners, new bearings, seals and pads, alloy sprocket and heavy duty ‘O’ ring chain. New electrics, battery and CDI. Just MOT'd and ready for sale [see sales post] to get funds for next one... Trying to make some living as a bike builder so if you're into custom bikes that you can ride pop in: https://www.marmisto.co.uk
  3. Just had this published [commissioned book so I earn peanuts, but fun to write] and am very chuffed: http://www.crowood.com/details.asp?isbn=9781785003691 Also just won the 2017 Venhill Project Bike with my Beemer as shown on home page https://www.marmisto.co.uk
  4. Answers to the above: Splodge is not for sale! It's still a Honda... Blue Knight: A lot of the BMW stuff came from rooting around in Alberta and Saskatchewan - did a year in Regina restoring the government building The next NX: I was thinking about 3500 - might be willing to take something interesting as a side trade - I'm only down the road, come and have a peek and we could chat about yours... 07769536503 Wasn't my colour choice as I'm traditionally black frame, but I think it holds together well so I'm more open minded now!
  5. I've got a nicely battered 70's Omega Seamaster 120 [Blue] and I'm selling it [no strap - just head] - I've been offered 1750GBP which seems a good price, but searching has shown some [albeit in better nick] going for about double that. I don't want to regret this sale by underpricing, as anyone can sympathise with, so should I ask more or is it a good price?
  6. Here's an article on my latest build. C'mon chaps [and chapesses] flog that rusty old Rolex and order a cool bike [so I can buy the Rolex]!.... http://www.bikebound.com/2017/11/02/honda-nx650-street-tracker-2/
  7. Thanks for this, I've tried to make it cool and stand alone to appeal to the new hipster formula, so the style is deliberate. The background images have been faded now to enhance the script, and I've reordered it, works much better I think? Marmisto means stonemason in Italian, so it's my personal link. I'll get onto the blog soonest
  8. Have a real desire to start getting paid for what i love doing! Have just put a book into the publishers on customising bikes... So here's the website, comments please as web-design is new to me... https://www.marmisto.co.uk this is what I do for a living: http://www.chrisdaniels.co.uk Plus a little bit of brightness for your day - come for a ride!
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/152388446851? Been riding this for a bit but need funds for next project and to tell the truth it's a bit of a beast and my duff knee isn't happy kicking it over. But it's loads of fun!
  10. Been a hectic two years, year in Canada fantastic explorations, met bears, wolves and lovely people. Back in Blighty and wanting to build bikes full time, here's a write up on my latest with links... http://www.bikebound.com/2016/12/06/bmw-r100rt-street-tracker/
  11. Thanks Chaps I could do with the cash at moment as dog tried to disembowel herself on fence last week and the vet lasered my Visa card! plus the watch is my daily wear, is quite scratched and highly 'patinated' - I work in stone and metal - would cost too much to get it as shiny as the bracelet, Watches are for wearing not for watching...
  12. Don't know if this is the place to ask this, so please bin if it's out of line... I've a s/s sub bracelet with a few links off my 80's sub. I'm never going to put it back on [always been a Nato boy] or sell the watch, so was wondering how much i should sell it for? Cheers
  13. This is a general one: Just bought a Digilux 2 off the evilbay, seems all good but the lens sort of rocks slightly - doesn't seem to affect anything but wondered whether this is okay, or a developing fault? Any opinions before I commit to keeping it? Thanks Chris
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