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  1. There is a problem with the S2 and other Canon models, just as you describe. There's a thread on a camera forum about it which I was reading just the other day. I've not had time to read it in depth but I'm sure it's a problem with the sensor. I hope a link is okay. If not then please delete. Hope this helps.... http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=824358 Cheers Matt
  2. You're welcome! We could be wrong remember! If it is a fake/replica/looky-likey, nobody around here will answer a question regarding value as it has none! Wear it and enjoy it for what it is - a present. To be honest, I've looked at the entire Graham collection tonight and your's is the only one I actually quite like. ((But no, I don't want to buy it!))
  3. I've just had another look at Graham's website and none of their watches have the sub-dials showing the date as your's does. These watches are made for timing events eg laps. The sub dials would be for secs, mins, hours - for that reason. It just sounds like a cheap "looky-likey" (made that up :lookaround: ). There is no month dial coz if you don't know what month it is you really are in trouble. The 0-24 sub-dial sounds like it's to indicate AM or PM (24 hour clock). Hope I'm wrong mate but I fear the worst.
  4. Oh, I see! Your pics were not that clear. By "date window" I meant a small squarish box which shows the date. Your's is different, the date being shown by the sub-dials. To be honest, I've no idea. I just got involved in this because...erm...err...why did I get involved in this? What happens when you press the chrono buttons on the side? Does the second hand sweep or tick? Perhaps someone else who knows about these watches will come along and enlighten you soon?
  5. I know absolutely nothing about Graham watches but I've checked out their website and I cannot see your watch. Perhaps your's is a slightly older one? The closest to your's seems to be the "Silverstone" range - but your's isn't there. There's plenty websites selling "replica" Graham watches and I don't see it there either. Almost all the watches (of that style) on the Graham London website have date windows. On the replica sites, I can't see any Graham watches with date windows....your's doesn't (seem to) have a date window. Given this and the story about the box and papers I'd say :thumbsdown:
  6. In which case you'll have to at least show us what it looks like. You won't meet a friendlier and more helpful bunch than the guys on here but c'mon, give us a step for a hint!!
  7. Is this real?..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV9mo_TuG9g
  8. Thanks again to everyone who responded. Great sub-forum this. I'll be checking it out more. Good idea whoever thought of it! :notworthy: :thumbsup: Cheers Matt
  9. Nineteen grand!!! For a lens!? :jawdrop: I mean c'mon. Does it come with a free solid gold Yachtmaster?
  10. Cheers Tom! Yes, I've been thinking about making the DSLR jump for a while and/but they've really brought the price dowm on the bridge cameras too - Jessops were/are doing the Fujifilm S1500 for £139 but like I say, "why delay the inevitable". I've managed to get my mitts on the Fujifilm and I'm not really impressed by the build. I like things that look and feel built to last - and the Fuji doesn't really look like it would. So it's straight to DSLR for this guy! I do salute you for spending £1400 on a camera and perhaps I'll get the bug and do likewise! What does amaze me about this whole photography thing is the price of some of the lenses. Thousands!?!? Thanks again Matt
  11. Thanks Tom! I very much appreciate your input. I know we're only talking £300 here but it's the most I've ever spent on a camera so quite a big decision. I would mainly be using it for shooting outdoors. When not drooling over watches, I'm into local history - so I'd be using it for shooting old buildings and historical relics and all sorts of other wierd "anorak" stuff.... http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/39190 I do appreciate I'd need to upgrade the lens on this at some point! I'm making the jump straight from compact to DSLR. I was thinking about the Fujifilm bridge camera but I've read mixed reviews and whats the point in delaying the inevitable. I'll let you know how I get on. Many thanks to all! Matt
  12. Thanks for the input guys. I think I'm going to go for this. I hear what your saying Sonyman but I wouldn't really be looking to flip this and would probably use it till it started to crumble. I know what you're saying about Nikon and Canon though. Those links were great Mike and confirmed and what I'd read elsewhere. I can't really see anything bad written anywhere about this camera. I've also just watched this and like what I see..... It also comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY - so it must be reliable. I'll let you know what I decide.... Cheers Matt PS. What does Tom Radford think? He seems to know his way around a camera!
  13. Hi guys, Currently thinking about making the jump to DSLR and this camera seems to get great reviews and is currently under £300 at Argos (559/3086) and that includes a Zuiko 14-42mm Lens. This is it with what I think is the "pancake" lens(??)..... Quite a handsome looking beast and apparently very well made. Any opinions from you guys would be appreciated. Cheers Matt
  14. I agree. Too much going on there IMO. If you're not sure about it then don't buy it.
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