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  1. Yes, I've still got it... Yay, another Snoopy.
  2. My nan bought me a Snoopy watch when i was about 3 or 4, I couldn't even tell the time!!! I think I still have it somewhere. Not sure who made them but it was a childs hand wound on a plastic strap. Thats not my actual watch but it was exactly the same. When I was about 7, certainly sometime in the late 80's, my folks bought me a black Swatch, I remember being incredibly excited, because it was waterproof and had luminous hours and hands, I later bought a Gold Swatch guard for it, does anyone remember them!!!
  3. Here it is. My Omega 2254.50. It's been a long wait and a bit of heart ache but that's all behind me now. Here it is. I am over the moon with it to say the least, it's difficult to describe how a really nice watch make you feel, I can't stop looking at it.
  4. I just got the call to say it's all ready. I have to concur with your comments above, I feel the design of the clasp is fundamentally flawed, I have a £40 watch made by Gul, it has a similar type of clasp but also has fold over keeper, it can't come undone, the rest of the bracelet is rubbish but the clasp is a million times better than the Omega one.
  5. Already checked, double checked and triple checked, infact the lady commented on the fact that the divers extension was a little to easy to undo aswell as the actual clasp.
  6. I apologise in advance for not reading the whole thread and I assume the watch in question is BNIB and has been faulty virtually from day one. However you appear to have been subject to the usual Goldsmiths " fob them off with bulls**t and hope they go away" attitude toward customer service. If any part of the watch is faulty from new, which apparently a member of Goldsmith's staff has confirmed, you are within your rights to demand either a complete refund or replacement. I am not sure of the relevant part of the "Sale of goods act" but the phrase "fit for purpose" comes to mind. As an aside I notice that the quality and levels of stock in my local Goldsmiths (no more high end watches and lots of "cheap" designer brands) has recently dropped considerably a bit like Jessops. I would personally not accept a credit note from them as a refund. Demand what is rightfully yours. It is indeed brand spanking new, I have worn it for about 3 hours in total, therefore faulty from the outset.
  7. I disagree , I've just recently bought an omega P O and an oris 4118 flight timer and I can honestly say the oris is better made and comes in an unbeleivably no expense spared box. The oris has more features and looks better and is fitted with a more expensive movement eta 7750 new price is £220 eta 2892-2 base movement £ 100 granted omega has modified it more but the oris is just as well made P O =£2090 oris 4118=£ 1400 I did like the Oris, for a long time it was going to be the one, however, once I tried them on there was no question, the Oris is just to chunky for my tastes, I confirmed this again yesterday as I was considering swapping the Seamaster. I must admit, I am tempted to change the bracelet, I just don't trust it, the design just seems flawed to me. Does anyone make a bracelet that would fit.
  8. They didn't identify a specific problem, the lady just recognised that it was faulty. Two seperate branches of goldsmiths told me that the bracelet is not covered under the warranty, however the booklet states that any fault is covered, it does not go in to specific components, only that wear and tear etc is not covered, as you would expect.
  9. sorry for the delay in replying, the laptop has died so I have to use my mobile. I think it's all sorted now. We took it back to Goldsmiths in southampton, i showed the supervisor the problem and instantly said that it was not right, she also checked the dive extension which was done up correctly. She offered to exchange the watch but upon checking they only had the quartz model in stock, however she did say that she will get her manager to swap the bracelet on monday with the one from the quartz. Anyway, thankyou all so much for the suggestions, still a bit miffed about Omegas policy, even though the warranty book makes no suggestion of the bracelt not being covered.
  10. Well, yesterday after months of waiting I finally got my Omega Seamaster 2254.50, I was over the moon. Then it happened, the clasp popped open, didn't think much of it at the time, however, it happened again, and again, this morning I put it on and when I move my hand in a certain way it it pops open. I called Goldsmiths and they informed me that te bracelet is not covered by the warranty, only the movement, they did say that Omega probably will replace/fix for free but they will have to send it away, this will take 3 weeks!!!! I am absolutley gutted and I can't beleive Omega have this policy. I'm going to take it back to Goldsmiths tommorow and see what they will do, to be honest I would rather them exchange it, might even get the Oris which I was going to get in the first place.
  11. Happy Canada day, I should remind the wife actually, her auntie and uncle are over from Guelph at the moment, they are ex pats and have lived in Canada for 44 years.
  12. I think you'll find he has :D Mel Goer Linky!!!
  13. Only if it is an older watch. Wot Jot said... STS won't touch my fathers Speedmaster reduced (3510.50), they also confirmed it was too new and they only really cater for the older Omega's.
  14. This pile of junk this today. Only one more week until I finally get my Seamaster.
  15. So depressing, i'm missing another year, last went in 07 and it was a total washout, i'll definatley be there next year though. We normally go on the wednesday and come home on monday, always go in to Le Mans on sunday night for a slap up meal more beer. I think i'm pretty lucky actually, the missus loves it as much as I do so we always go together.
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