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  1. Rolex service is around £500 - £600 depending on the level of service and/or any parts need replacing. Does it actually need servicing? How old is it? Does it not perform as expected? Average service intervals by Rolex owners is crica 10 years.
  2. The Gucci is perfect if you're buying a watch for your friends to coo over. As a watch brand it's rubbish, and you can buy much better than that if you want a serious watch. I concur with the brands already mentioned. Pre-owned, like new you can get decent examples and styles from Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Longines, Oris, Bell & Ross
  3. 29.36mm movement in a 42mm case, that's some spacer, unless the case is thick walled. But, I was commenting on the quartz models in the original post, look how far the date window is in from the edge, suggesting a small movement in a big case.
  4. I can't comment on their quality, as I've never handled one, but for me I'm not so keen on the look, small movement in a big case. However if you and your young relative like them, then enjoy
  5. Rolex didn't make a watch over 40mm until 2000, with the sea-dweller
  6. I've got a really noisy Seiko clock in the sitting room, but all my watches purr like a well oiled Jag V12 with fresh Mobil 1, or my other half when fuelled with Mud House & wants to f.............. never mind
  7. Possibly due to the 01 in-house movement in the current model, the older one I very much doubt it as it was just a tarted up ETA (nothing wrong with ETA BTW) so made by the bucket load cheaply and quickly
  8. A Rolex takes one year to make. Yes and no. Yes if each watch was made from start to finish from the block of steel to complete working watch by one person by hand. But of course it doesn't thanks to economies of scale and mass production of parts. Having said that the sapphire crystals are grown, so I would have thought they take a while to be of the size required. Each watch is individually 'crafted' by hand. What utter nonsense. If that were true each watch would be slightly different (they're not). They are however each still assembled by hand and the cases hand finished (polished)
  9. Loads, back in't day. Zeon and Zeon tech 'homages' to every Swiss maker you could imagine. Probably what got me into the real thing later in life, got tired of crappy watches.
  10. Wouldn't know, I've never had to pay for it..................................well transparently and up front ;)
  11. Exactly, wild night out, but the £10 casio makes sure you get home on time. No late = not in trouble LOL
  12. Not wishing to sound flash, but, £600 doesn't even cover a deposit for what I buy, so to answer the question, a £10 casio the rest on hookers and booze
  13. The APROC does have screw down pushers just the same as the RDC or VSOC, I should know I've owned all three. VC, the best finished watch, to a higher standard than a PPN, even has a polish inside of the bracelet to make it extra smooth on the wrist. It is quite tall though, and weighty. AP, the best looker, slimmest, but due to the intergrated bracelet and the way I wear my watches it used to twist and occasionally catch the wrist bone, making it uncomfortable, also the smaller links with their gaps tended to be s wrist hair torture device. R, the best (subjective) movement, best value retention, regarded as one of the finest chronograph movements ever designed, second to an El Primero movement from which it was developed. Although the SS bezel on the older models is a scratch magnet as are the PCLs
  14. I'm not snobby at all. There are many watches and brands that are great at their price point and I can appreciate that. For my personal collection however, I never look at watches under £5,500 rrp and of course has to be Swiss and mechanical
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