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  1. Just finished a polony sandwich (with tomato sauce).
  2. There is YouTube item made by Patek on the making/manufacture of this timepiece. Fascinating and well worth a viewing if you can find it.
  3. Sorry its late, but thanks fore the response people.
  4. When removing the setting/winding stem from a movement is it best to remove when stem is in the fully pushed in position or fully out/set position.
  5. Nice watch. If the watch is 14K gold there may be assay/date letters on the inside case back thay could provide a date.
  6. When the mood takes me I sometimes leave the house with a spoon in my back pocket.
  7. " ahappychapwhowhenpressedhardcanbeoneunholysonofabitch" There you go .
  8. Can you post a detailed picture of the back case..
  9. Great thread this. Guessed the spork and previously read about the Pouge (cos I want one ). Didn't have a clue about the other. Thank you.
  10. There are so many brands out there. Try an Ebay search using the term ' 70's vintage LED watch'. Plenty of pictures to assist.. I'm a big fan of the LED. Had an Accurist LED for my 18th. Long gone now but did find one in A1 working condition on 'the Bay'. Good luck.
  11. That's a beaut. Loving the blued steel.
  12. I too have changed several kinetic capacitors with varying degrees of success. Leaving me to conclude the kinetic watch itself was not meant to last forever.
  13. There is no substitute for real talent. I love the ELO. (I wish someone would point this out to that murderer of talent Cowell).
  14. streety

    Song Titles Game

    'Tears of a Clown' - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  15. Good luck Roger, nice clock . Been fancying one of these myself. I have heard of Bentima but only in the world of watches. Good find that especially with the dome intact.
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