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  1. Does anybody out there know if you can replace the capacitor with a regular cell. I've changed the capacitor twice now on my 2001 Seiko Kinetic. Any advice would be welcome.
  2. I have a Silvercrest as well. Perfectly adequate
  3. A demagnetizer will spin the hands for you at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Have you tried asking Simon in the repairs section of the forum?
  5. Bought one (CasiOak) a month ago after seeing it on here. My usual beater is a Tag Aquaracer. Since arriving the Casio has barely been off my wrist. Love it. Buying the watch direct from Casio is the the way forward, provided your choice is in stock.
  6. If I may guys, I have a question for Omega lovers with knowledge. I am considering a lock-down treat to myself of the new Seamaster professional 330. co-axial chronometer 42 mm The thickness of 13.7 mm is a little concerning to me. Are all new the Seamasters in this range the same thickness? I have researched and sure somewhere along think I may have seen one describes at 11 mm thick.? I already have two Omegas, a Seamaster dress watch dated 1961 and a vintage F300Hz. Any help would be appreciated. (I hope I'm posting in the correct forum with this questio
  7. I've had to discipline myself to stay away from the keyboard after a few beers. I'm due back to therapy after lock-down!
  8. Nice one John . I do so like a happy ending. .
  9. Hi JayK. I seem to remember a forum member @Always"watching" owning one of these (or one similar). If he doesn't pick up on this thread it may be worth sending him a PM for advice. Good luck.
  10. Hello H. good photos. The arrows referred to (if they are there) will be seen closer to the head of the watch rather than the clasp. Impossible to say from the photos.
  11. There is YouTube item made by Patek on the making/manufacture of this timepiece. Fascinating and well worth a viewing if you can find it.
  12. Sorry its late, but thanks fore the response people.
  13. When removing the setting/winding stem from a movement is it best to remove when stem is in the fully pushed in position or fully out/set position.
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