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  1. Some absolutely stunning items in that sale.
  2. I ended up ordering an iPhone 5S today, to replace my ailing 4. New phones all round!
  3. Happy to see it go to a fellow forum user - and I hope you continue to enjoy it!
  4. Stunning Heuers there, and I'm particularly taken by the 5513. Inspirational collection.
  5. The Bay can be a minefield - but as mentioned above, there are some absolute bargains to be had, and some properly decent watches to be found. I rarely buy off the Bay, but following the above steps would be prudent. Also, if you're thinking about a particular model, do your homework first so you can tell - or at least, take an educated guess - whether something is original or a cobbled together "Frankenwatch". Bear in mind as well that if the watch is a vintage piece, it's likely to require a full service before you can rely on its timekeeping, functionality and resistance to the odd sp
  6. Yep - I'm a full time student. I'm heading into final year of undergrad, shooting for an Integrated Masters in International Business and Spanish. Starting back in September, awaiting the dissertation and research projects with trepidation.
  7. Very interesting Phil, thanks for that. It's a matte 5513 I'm currently looking at, so your comment is especially helpful.
  8. Dear all, I've been perusing the small ads for a Rolex Sub after discovering a few tasty examples in a shop nearby my new flat. However, it's clear that I don't know much about the minutiae of Sub references, models, year-by-year changes, that sort of thing. It's quite difficult to come by online in an easily-digestible format - do we have someone on here that knows their 5513s from their gilts, their Bonds from their "red Submariners", that could help me out? Also, what are the rare traits that push values north, make them "special"? Many thanks chaps.
  9. Indeed - I've started to see them creeping up in price. There's a few more case styles/dial combos I'd like to score, best snap them up quick! Thanks for sharing, that's an excellent link and very informative. Now just to gather similar info on the other 6139 styles!
  10. A recent incoming from the forum got me thinking about this stalwart of movements - Seiko’s 6139 automatic chronograph - and how important it is to the world of watches. Dare I say it, I think it’s a bit under-rated. There’s quite a story behind it. In the late-Sixties, Seiko was neck and neck with Heuer-Breitling and Zenith-Movado to produce and bring to market the world’s first automatic chronograph movement. Zenith claim they pipped everyone with the El Primero movement, whereas Heuer-Breitling claim they were first with the Chronomatic movement - both were seen at Basel in April
  11. Wow Woody, that's quite the collection! Are they all from eBay?
  12. Absolutely fantastic. Serious soft spot for Omega chronos of this vintage.
  13. Really liking the patina on the black-dialled Competitor, that is amazing. Excellent repair work. I sent my beloved Seiko 6139 there for a light refresh a while back, very impressed at the standard of work and the price.
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